Tent Straps

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1” x 15’ Cambuckle Tent Strap w/ Oval Ring & Snap Hook


1” x 15’ Tent Straps


1” x 15’ Tent Strap


Two Double D Rings & Snap Hook


15’ Strap
3,335 lbs WLL
White Polyester Webbing with a 10,000 lbs BS
2” Twisted Snap Hook on Adjustable End


6” in length

20 pcs per bag


1” White
6,600# BS
300 foot roll

You want strong 1” webbing? We are the only dealer of 1” web this strong.


10,000 lbs BS
3,335 lbs WLL


4,400 lbs BS
1,466 lbs WLL


11,000 lbs BS
3,335 lbs WLL


11,000 lbs BS
3,335 lbs WLL


12,000# BS

300 ft. roll


Ratchet: 11,000# BS
Wire Hook: 10,000# BS
Twisted Snap Hook: 10,000# BS
Webbing: 10,000# BS
Assembly WLL 3,335# BS

Tent Straps

Tents are used at some of the most important events in people╩╝s lives. Weddings, graduations, and birthday parties are all events that would take place under a tent. Everyone takes tents for granted when they are under them during a rainstorm or a hot day but there really is a lot that goes into setting them up. One thing that is pivotal in the setup of these large, industrial-sized tents is Tent Straps. Without tent straps, those huge tents that we all take for granted could easily blow over!

Tent Straps are a great way to secure a tent for whatever event you may need. We offer our tent straps in 1 inch and 2-inch white polyester webbing that is built to withstand the elements that tent straps will often be facing. Because the tents will typically be outside for long periods of time the polyester material is resistant to UV rays and rain which make it a valuable tool for outdoor tenting activities.

Tent straps can be the difference between having a tent for your party and chasing a tent for your party! If you have any questions about our Tent Tie Downs or any other product on our website, call us at 800-807-5634 or reach us by using our online contact form here.