Corner Protectors

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2 1/2” Cordura Sleeve


2” Rubber Corner Protector

.25” Thick
3.5” Wide
12” Long


4” Cordura Sleeve


4” Rubber Corner Protector

.25” Thick
6” Wide
12” Long


40 inch by 24 inch


48 inch by 30 inch


6” wide nylon protector


12” Plastic Corner Protector


Fleece strap protector for motorcycle straps and car tie down straps. Helps protect your bike or car rims.


11” in length with 4.5” drop on sides

Heavy duty plastic corner protectors to protect your load and to prolong the life of your straps. Works with 2 inch, 3 inch, and 4 inch straps


8.5” x 8.5” x 11” with 4.5” slot for strap


These durable corner protectors keep your straps from tearing and your product from being damaged.

100 pcs. per box


This chain guide will keep your load damage free.


1/2” thick rubber


8” x 8” x 36”


8” x 8” x 48”

Corner Protectors

Corner Protectors are an extremely cost-effective way to protect your various Tie Down Straps. Replacing straps can get very expensive if you do not take good care of them. When Tie Down Straps are put under extreme tension, the friction can cause the straps to fray.

This is not only expensive but also dangerous. If your straps are rubbing badly enough it could cause them to snap and you could lose your cargo. This is why Corner Protectors are a good investment.

We have Corner Protectors available for every strap on our site. Safety is a very important thing for us so we strive to make your cargo securement experiences as safe as possible. We have rubber corner protectors, plastic corner protectors, and nylon Cordura sleeve protectors.

We also have Aluminum Sideboards to protect bricks from strap damage. We even have a steel corner protector that can be used to prevent chains from making harmful dents and scratches on your cargo.