Horizontal E Track

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Material: 12 guage high strength steel
Minimum Yield: 50,000# psi
Hunter green or Galvanized


Material: 12 guage high strength steel
Minimum Yield: 50,000# psi
Hunter green or Galvanized


Material: 12 guage high strength steel
Minimum Yield: 50,000# psi
Black or Galvanized

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Material: 12 guage high strength steel
Minimum Yield: 50,000# psi
Hunter green or Galvanized

Lodi Metals Inc sells e track, e track straps, e track load bars, and accessories for e track. Whether you are just starting off and need to outfit your trailer or need to repair the e track that you have, Lodi Metals is your one-stop shop for any type of accessory you need for e track systems and accessories.

E Track

E Track is a versatile tool that can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the inside of semis, vans, or other transport vehicles for organization and preservation purposes. In the transportation industry, it is crucial to deliver your cargo safely, which is not always easy.

Some loads may be stacked to the ceiling while others may just be extremely fragile. Either way, you are going to need something to keep all of this in place and E track Systems are the perfect fit.

E Track is an invaluable tool for so many reasons and one of those reasons is the versatility of the product. Versatility in the sense that almost any kind of strap or bar can be mounted to it! Whether you need a one inch Cam Buckle Strap to hold in some lighter boxes or a solid steel load bar to support those oddly shaped packages, E track has that available. There is even a cargo net option available! E track Systems are a must have for you or your company if you want to maximize space and ensure that all the cargo you are transporting makes it to its’ destination.

The amount of time, money, and stress that this product will save you is well worth the price! E track is not only a way to ensure safe delivery of your cargo, but it is also a way to help maximize the space inside your vehicle. For example, some drivers use load bars to create levels in their semis. This can save companies huge amounts of money in the long run by reducing the number of total trips that are required to deliver cargo. Ratchet strap varieties for the E track systems come in one and two-inch widths and can be cut to any length!

Cam buckle straps with E-track fittings are a fast and easy way to make sure that your cargo makes it to your destination safely! E-track Cam Buckle Straps are designed simply enough to tighten and loosen with one hand, and objects large and small can be secured into place with just a pull. Cam Buckle Straps are a great addition to semis, vans, large commercial vehicles, or anywhere that E-track can be safely installed.

The Working Load Limit for our 1 inch cam buckle straps is 183 pounds, and the two inch straps have a load limit of 915 pounds. The one inch version is used mainly for very lightweight loads, while the two inch version is built to withstand the heavier duty situations. Multiple colors are available for only the two inch. Replacement straps are also available with every variation of the Cam Buckle E-track Straps.

Extreme precaution must be taken when using E-track Cam Buckle Straps, or any E-track accessory for that matter. If the E-track fittings are not properly secured to the rails, both the person attaching them and the cargo could be at risk. Always be sure to give the straps a few solid tugs before you move on, and it would be a good idea to check them again every time you may stop.

E Track Ratchet Straps

E track Ratchet Straps are extremely durable and dependable. If you find that the Cam Buckle Straps will not be enough to carry the weight of your cargo, these straps are definitely for you! The Working Load Limit for our 1 inch E-track Ratchets is 833 pounds, and our more popular 2 inch straps have a Working Load Limit of 1466 pounds! This makes our straps a great option for almost any cargo control project you might have in the back of your semi or moving van.

The 2 inch straps are available in multiple colors, and all of our E-track strap products are made to order in any length all the way up to 300 feet! Be sure to inspect your straps periodically for general wear and tear and possible damage. Replacement straps are available with both the 1 inch and 2 inch Ratchet Straps.

Proper attachment to the E-track side rails is necessary in order to minimize the risk of an accident. Failure to properly fasten the E-track Ratchet Straps could result in damage to valuable cargo, or worse, serious bodily injury. To avoid injury, it is good practice to check the tension of the strap by giving it a solid tug after final adjustments.

E track Load Bars

E Track Load Bars are an invaluable tool for anyone who is in the cargo transportation business. When paired with our E-track Systems, these load bars could be the difference in your load making it safely to its destination. Lodi Metal’s Load Bars are all manufactured on site, and not sold through a reseller or distributor. We sell our cargo bars directly to the public and often to large companies. We offer a large variety of E-track Load Bars including Heavy Duty, Steel Shoring Beams, Garment Beams, Shoring Beams with Welded Hoops, and Series F Square Shoring with Welded Hoops. These varieties come in two different size options. The 87”-97” size, or the 93”-103” size.

There is also an option to have them custom made by Load Bar experts here at Lodi Metals. We will make sure your cargo needs are taken care of by custom making a Load Bar that fits your specific measurement! This is just one of the many advantages of being a manufacturer rather than a reseller or distributor.

It is extremely important to make sure your E-track Load Bars are securely fastened into the E-track fittings before you get started on your way. Failure to properly secure Load Bars can be catastrophic to the load and dangerous to those unloading the cargo. Checking prior to departure and during every stop will ensure the safety of both the cargo and the transporter.