Appliance Hand Trucks

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A pad on the edges of the door is a perfect way to keep the door in perfect shape from the manufacturer to the client.


Don’t want liability of scratching a product? Here is your solution! Made of soft, but durable material.

48” H x 16” W


Made of aluminum, this hand truck is lightweight yet durable.

Assembly Required.

  • 66” High
  • 17” Wide
  • 5” x 24” Footplate
  • 1,200 Lb. Capacity
  • 60” High
  • 17” Wide
  • 500 Lb. Load Capacity

Replacement Nose Plate for Aluminum Hand Truck


5500# Capacity

Dimensions: 21” x 48” Fork Measurements

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No more taking valuable time strapping your pallet jack to the wall.

Appliance Dollies & Hand Trucks

Appliance Dollies & Hand Trucks are two crucial pieces of the moving industry. They can be used to transport extremely heavy objects such as washers and refrigerators over long distances. Our Appliance Dollies & Hand Trucks comes in three versions. The first version is our Aluminum Hand Truck. This version is made from lightweight aluminum that can still get the job done. It is available in either pin handle or loop handle. Some assembly is required with this product.

The last two versions are referred to as Appliance Dollies. The second version is our Regular Magnesium Appliance Dolly. This dolly is 60 inches tall and 17 inches wide with 500-pound load capacity. It features a Ratchet Strap Tightener and padded surface that ensures your load will make it to its destination safely! The third version is our Appliance Dolly Tri-Pod. This version is the strongest Appliance Dolly, we offer with 1,200-pound load capacity. It features an automatic strap recoil and padded surface for the ultimate securement and protection.

Any of our Appliance Dollies & Hand Trucks can be fitted with a Hand Truck Cover that is made from the same material as our Moving Blankets. The cotton material is tough enough to protect the item from damage but soft enough to prevent any scratches from the Appliance Dolly. It is important to protect your cargo properly so Hand Truck Covers are a great addition.

Pallet Jack – Pallet Jacks are capable of moving anything under 5, 500 pounds. A Pallet Jack is an extremely helpful tool in any warehouse or cargo transportation setting where you need to move pallets quickly and efficiently. Pallet Jacks measures 21 inches by 48 inches at the forks and is able to safely move any standard pallet providing that it weighs less than 5,500 pounds. We also have Pallet Jack Stops available which make storing the Pallet Jack much easier than the standard method of using a ratchet strap to secure it to the wall.