Cam Buckles

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Lodi Metals has the largest selection of hardware in the industry. We have many styles of hooks, rings, ratchets, and cambuckles for 1”, 2”, 3”, and 4” ratchet straps. You can get the tie down hardware in bulk or we can make custom tie down straps for just about any cargo control situation or around the shop application. With so much tie down hardware to choose from, there is something for almost everyone.

flat hooks, wire hooks, snap hooks, swivel snap hooks, j-hooks, finger hooks, chain & hooks, carabiners, grab hooks, slip hooks, s-hooks, and plate trailer hooks

d-rings, flat delta rings, forged round delta rings, double d-rings, mounting d-rings, rectangle rings, oval rings, and HD round rings

standard handle, wide handle, rubber handle, stainless steel, black ratchets, small handle, long wide handle, small stainless steel, wrench operated, 3 inch ratchets and 4 inch ratchets

1 inch in zinc coated and black and 2 inch cam buckles

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