Jack Load Bars

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Jack Load Bar with Square Tube

Adjusts From: 91” – 107”


Jack Load Bar with Square Tube

Adjusts From: 91” – 107”


Jack Load Bar with Round Tube

Adjusts From: 89” – 107 inches


48” pieces for easy storage

Adjusts from 91”-107”


Breaks down into 3 pieces for easy storage

Adjusts from 91”-107”


Bolt-on Feet and Bolt-on Jack

Extends from 16.5”-25”


Small stud pad for 1 1/8” tube

Large stud pad for 1 1/2” tube


Lengths: 35”
4×4 Bolt-on Foot

Jack Load Lock Bars for Load Stabilization

Jack Load Bars have a similar design to our standard cargo bars except for the securing jack mechanism that is used to apply outward pressure to lock the bar into place. This is different from traditional cargo bars that use a ratcheting mechanism to ratchet the bars to the desired strength. Jack Bars work extremely great for professional dry van drivers, enclosed trailers, and box trucks.

Jack Bars simply pump the jack mechanism handle that is similarly built to a car jack to extend the bar to fit various cargo for storage or to be ready for transport. One thing to remember when securing cargo bars or jack bars is to be mindful of how tight you are securing the bar because over-expansion could occur and cause potential damage to the walls of your trailer.

Jack Load Bars are especially great for preventing load shifts or boxes from falling off the sides of pallets during a move. Load shifts can happen when extreme force from a lane change, hard acceleration, sudden brake from an animal crossing, or even taking a corner too quickly. All of these things listed above can cause shifts in cargo and this is even more true for cargo that is stacked higher in the air as it is at risk to load shifts.

The Different Types of Jack Load Lock Bars

Our Jack Bars can be ordered in both round or square versions and can be made with either bolt-on feet for easy storage in between uses or welded into place for a more permanent fixture. Hoops can help add an extra layer of protection and surface area to your jack bar to ensure the cargo remains in place from start to finish during your shipping journey.

Jack Bars can range from 89 inches to 107 inches in width and can accommodate most makes and models of trucks and enclosed trailers. Jack Bars are made from heavy-duty steel materials to help keep you on the road for longer and secure cargo time and time again. Cargo bars are a great option to make fewer trips by using the most amount of available space inside the back of enclosed trailers or dry vans. This helps to organize the trailer

We also have a Jack Bar that includes 2 pieces that can be taken apart or assembled for a quick storage solution. This bar is made from the same great materials as our other jack bars but can be taken apart and typically comes with reduced shipping rates due to its size of bar. Another option would be our Trench Shoring Jack Bars that provide a 16.5-inch to 25-inch adjustment on the bar and is great for smaller securement and storage applications.

We are extremely proud to say that we are one of the only manufacturers of jack-load lock bars here in the United States. This means we take our manufacturing process and quality guidelines very seriously and we strive to help keep your cargo secured in place from start to finish. Our number one priority is providing the shipping industry with cargo bars made from the strongest and most durable materials we can find for one affordable price point.

Receive a completely FREE quote by giving our experts a call at 800-807-5634 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website to see large piece count pricing discounts or to receive a delivered price quote. We look forward to helping assist you with all of your jack bar and cargo bar securement needs.

Jack Load Bars