Jack Load Bars

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Jack Load Bar with Square Tube

Adjusts From: 91” – 107”


Jack Load Bar with Square Tube

Adjusts From: 91” – 107”


Jack Load Bar with Round Tube

Adjusts From: 89” – 107”


48” pieces for easy storage

Adjusts from 91”-107”


Breaks down to 3 pieces for easy storage

Adjusts from 91”-107”


Bolt-on Feet and Bolt-on Jack

Extends from 16.5”-25”


Small stud pad for 1 1/8” tube

Large stud pad for 1 1/2” tube


This foot replaces the weld-on foot of any 4×4 weld-on foot cargo bar.


Lengths: 35”
4×4 Bolt-on Foot

Replacement part for the Lodi Metals Jack Load Bar. Bolts onto the main tubing.


Rubber replacement handle for cargo jack bar.

Jack Load Bars

Jack Load Bars have all of the same features of a standard Load Bar except for the mechanism with which it applies the pressure. The standard Load Bar uses a simple ratcheting mechanism to secure it to the walls of a trailer or truck. The Jack Load Bar uses a convenient jack to pressure the bar up against the walls.

Simply “pump” the handle as you would with a car jack and the bar will expand to fit whatever you may be used for storage. It is important to carefully pump the jack when securing it to the wall because over-expansion could occur and cause damage to the walls of your vehicle.

Our Jack Load Bars can be ordered in round or square versions and can be made with either welded or bolt-on feet. These Jack Load Bars can be paired with a set of by bolt-on or welded on hoops. These hoops can add an extra layer of protection to your load. Jack Load Bars with Hoops are mainly used for preventing boxes from falling off of pallets and preventing load shift of items that could not be secured by a standard Jack Load Bars.

We are extremely proud to say that we are the only manufacturer of Jack Load Bars in the United States. This means that we take our manufacturing process very seriously and strive to keep you and your cargo safe from start to finish. We care deeply about the safety of our customers and we back that claim up by sending out the strongest and most durable Cargo Bars we can every time!

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Jack Load Bars