Jack Load Bars

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Jack Load Bar with Square Tube

Adjusts From: 91” – 107”


Jack Load Bar with Square Tube

Adjusts From: 91” – 107”


Jack Load Bar with Round Tube

Adjusts From: 89” – 107”


48” pieces for easy storage

Adjusts from 91”-107”


Breaks down to 3 pieces for easy storage

Adjusts from 91”-107”


Welded on Feet and Bolt on Jack

Extends from 16 1/2”-27”


Small stud pad for 1 1/8” tube

Large stud pad for 1 1/2” tube


This foot replaces the weld-on foot of any 4×4 weld-on foot cargo bar.


This footpad is designed special for reefer truck floors.

  • Sold Individually

Lengths: 35”
4×4 Bolt-on Foot

Replacement part for the Lodi Metals Jack Load Bar. Bolts onto the main tubing.


Rubber replacement handle for cargo jack bar.


Place on the end of a load lock bar to create a low profile rubber tip.

Lodi Metals has the largest selection online of steel cargo bars, load lock bars, pickup truck bars and more! Lodi Metals is one of the only manufacturers of cargo bars inside of the United States as we are not a reseller or distributor. We supply cargo bars directly to the public, as well as also large professional transportation and logistics companies.

Cargo Bars range from load lock bars, e-track load bars, jack load bars, and even load bars for pickup trucks.

We have thousands of standard size cargo bars that are in stock and ready to ship out, often our cargo bars will even ship out the same day! If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for in a Cargo Bar that fits your application need, give us a call and we can make cargo bars for almost any size or need at 800-807-5634.

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Cargo Bars