Moving Rubber Bands

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Small 26” – TAN
Medium 30” – AQUA
Large 36” – BLUE
Extra Large 42” – RED

Rubber Moving Bands

Rubber Moving Bands are a versatile tool in the moving industry where safety and security are key. Moving Blankets are great but they can sometimes fall off of the item you placed them on and cause that item to be scratched or damaged. Moving Bands easily eliminate this problem. Simply place the Moving Blanket on whatever object you are trying to cover and secure it firmly with a Moving Band and you will not have to worry about the blanket falling off during transportation. Our bands come in a variety of sizes and colors as listed below!

Small Rubber Moving Bands – Size: 26 inches – Color of Rubber Bands: Tan
Medium Rubber Moving Bands – Size: 30 inches – Color of Rubber Bands: Aqua
Large Rubber Moving Bands- Size: 36 inches – Color of Rubber Bands: Blue
Extra Large Rubber Moving Bands 42 inches – Color of Rubber Bands: Red

Moving Rubber Bands