E Track Load Bars

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For 96” wide trailers
Adjusts From: 87”- 97”


For 102” wide trailers
Adjusts From: 93”- 103”


HD for 96” wide trailers
Adjusts From: 87”- 97”


HD for 102” wide trailers
Adjusts From: 93”- 103”


Steel for 96” trailers
Adjusts From: 87”-97”


Steel for 102” trailers
Adjusts From: 93”-103”


Steel with Socket Ends
Adjusts From: 98”-102”


Steel Bar for 96” trailers
Adjusts From: 87”-97”


Steel Bar for 102” trailers
Adjusts From: 93”-103”


Load Bar for F-Track with Welded Hoops

Adjusts From: 98” – 117”


Easy to install
2×4 or 2×6 lumber


Easy to install
2×4 or 2×6 lumber


Designed for 3,000 lbs Aluminum E Track Bars


for STEEL e-track load bars


Shoring Beam End for 96” and 102” trailers

2,000 pound breaking strength


For use with standard duty e-track load bar ends

E Track Load Bars for Load Stabilization

E Track Load Bars are an extremely versatile tool that provides load securement and load stabilization for enclosed trailers. E Track Bars can be used like normal load bars or they can be used to create multiple levels of cargo securement.

Having multiple levels inside an enclosed trailer can be extremely valuable for drivers as they can utilize more space, save time, and reduce damage claims. This helps professional truck drivers become more profitable and make the most out of the available trailer space during their trips.

Creating various different levels along the e-track systems inside of the trailer can help allow you to store different cargo loads that range in different shapes, weights, and sizes to maximize the usable space in the trailer. Utilizing available space in the trailer helps you save time, fuel costs, and loading times by making fewer trips.

The Different Types of E Track Load Bars

We craft our e-track load bars out of both Aluminum bar and Steel bar materials so that they can be used for both lightweight and heavyweight securement projects. The length of our e-track bars ranges from 87 inches to 103 inches which means they will fit virtually every hauling method you can think of on the inside of an enclosed trailer.

E Track Load Bars can also be known around the professional trucking industry as shoring bars as the name implies are able to hold something in place that is weak or unstable. In this case, it would be the cargo in the back of enclosed trailers that are at risk of tipping over when you are moving down the road or arriving at your next location and opening the doors to the trailer. Not only does this pose a risk of injury but it also poses a threat when you open the cargo doors of cargo falling out of the trailer and becoming damaged or destroyed.

Our E Track Shoring Load Bars also have the option to have bolt-on or welded hoops that provide a larger surface area for holding the cargo in place with e-track rail systems. Bolt-on e-track bars are bolted into place to provide hoops on each side of the bar that can be removed for easy storage options. Our welded hoops are welded on and become a permanent securement option and once they are welded can not be taken apart.

By having the shoring bars provide a larger surface area it provides greater load stabilization to keep your cargo from sliding out of place or tipping over around a sharp corner, brake, hard acceleration, or even a sudden lane change you may face during your drive.

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E Track Load Bar Accessories

Some of the most popular e-track load bar accessories include wood beam sockets that quickly can attach to e-track rails and use wooden 2×4 or 2×6 to provide load stabilization in a matter of seconds. Wood beam sockets are available in our standard size and our extended wood beam socket size for heavier-duty securement options.

Another one of our popular e-track load bar accessories is our logistic sleeve which allows you to use e-track straps along the e-track load bars to provide the perfect angle to secure cargo with. The logistic sleeve can easily slide along the length of the e-track load bar and provide heavy-duty securement for anything from pallets, boxes, crates, and various other cargo.

Frequently Asked E Track Load Bar Questions

What is the Working Load Limit for E Track Bars? – E Track Shoring Beams are unable to be safely rated due to the number of variables from trailer to trailer manufacturer. In an equally rated stress test, our e-track shoring bars are safely rated at 1,500 lbs to 2,000 lbs per bar depending on the configuration of the bar.

How Many Rows of E-Track Load Bars Do You Need? – You can use one e-track load bar per piece of cargo and increase the safety and load stabilization. However, we recommend our customers to at minimum run in pairs to help prevent load shifts from bending bars as well as to ensure your cargo remains safe in place.

E Track Load Bars