Clevis Grab Hooks

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Grade 70 Hooks
4,700 lbs Load Limit


Grade 70 Hooks
6,600 lbs Load Limit


Grade 70 Hooks
11,300 lbs Load Limit


Grade 70 Hooks
6,600 lbs Load Limit

Lodi Metals has a variety of chains that we stock on site in our warehouse. We carry 5/16 inch chain, 3/8 inch chain, 1/2 inch chain, and clevis grab hooks to meet the needs you may have.

Did You Know??? Grade 70 transport chain is rated approximately 20% higher than High Test Grade 43 Chain and meets the guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation and the California Highway Patrol. Here at Lodi Metals Inc.every 7th link in any length chain is stamped G70 to ensure your chain will pass inspection.