4 Wheel Dollies

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With rubber non-marking wheels and rubber caps this dolly is versatile and dependable.

Size: 18” x 30”

3 1/2” Caster


3” Casters



3.5” Rubber Caster Wheel

for 4 wheel dollies


5500# Capacity

Dimensions: 21” x 48” Fork Measurements

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No more taking valuable time strapping your pallet jack to the wall.

Moving Blankets, Moving Straps, and Moving Supplies

No matter if you are looking for Moving Blankets, Moving Supplies, Moving Straps, Rubber Bands, Appliance Hand Trucks, 4 Wheel Dollies or odds and ends for your next move we have exactly what you need. Lodi Metals, Inc. takes pride in being a one-stop shop for all of your shipping and transportation needs.

Lodi Metals, Inc. takes pride in the quality of all of our transportation and moving products. As one of the leading providers for the professional trucking industry Lodi Metals has served our great customers with high-quality shipping products for over 25 years.

Moving Blankets

Moving Blankets are the industry standard for protecting cargo when moving. The blankets are made from heavy-duty materials that allow for scratches to help be prevented through the cotton and polyester mesh that protects wooden surfaces from even the strongest scratches.

Moving Blankets are perfect for any professional moving company or even first-time movers. Some of the features that make our moving blankets superior are the high quality S pattern stitching. Helping strength the durable moving blankets for the ultimate protection against scratches.

Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies are a key part of the moving and shipping industry and can be crucial for a successful move. Packages that arrive without damage for items that are not always able to be replaced are a key part in what makes a successful move. There is nothing worse than having packages arrive at your doorstep damaged with scratches, broken glass, or personal items being destroyed.

Some of our more popular moving supplies include our ratchet straps, cargo bars, moving blankets, and our e track systems. Quality moving supplies that will keep you and other motorists safe at an affordable price is our mission statement here at Lod Metals.

Moving Straps

Moving straps play an important role in the shipping industry by providing great cargo securement to keep your cargo and other motorists safe on the road. Some of our more popular moving straps include our 2 inch cam buckle straps, 1 inch heavy duty endless loop ratchet straps, and our 2 inch cam buckle straps with E track fittings.

Moving straps are the preferred method of cargo securement in the shipping and transportation industries due to their ability to provide very little error. Moving straps can be very quickly secured, as well as unsecured which makes them a prime method of cargo securement to save time as professional truckers and movers. More time on the road allows more money for professional truckers to make money. Trailer tie downs have become a must in the transportation industry due to their strength and high working load limits.

Rubber Bands

Rubber bands we offer come in the sizes of small 28”, Medium 30”, Large 36”, and Xlarge 42”. These are priced per dozen and are great for any extra cargo securement such as holding a moving blanket on during transportation. Simply use the rubber band over the object you want to be secured down with a moving blanket and let go.

Appliance Hand Trucks & 4 Wheel Dollies

Appliance Hand Trucks and 4 Wheel Dollies are a great combination in helping move those heavier items that need a little bit of a helping hand with. Created with moving heavy items in mind these hand trucks allow you to squeeze under the cargo and pull back in order to lift items you otherwise would struggle to move.

Appliance hand trucks and 4 wheel dollies go great with our hand truck cover that provides a great scratch resistant material to cover these items to prevent nicks, dings, and deep scratches that may damage your merchandise otherwise. They are made from the same material that our high-quality moving blankets are made from providing excellent protection.

If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for or you need something custom made to order give our friendly team a call at 800-807-5634 we look forward to hearing from you.