Rubber Tarp Straps

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Rubber Straps
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Rubber Tarp Straps

Rubber tarp straps sometimes referred to as bungee cords, are used extensively in the flatbed industry. Many flatbed truckers use tarps to protect their load from the rain, sun, and snow, but if your tarp has nothing securing it you might as well not even have one.

That is the reason as to why many companies in the industry use Rubber Tarp Straps. Rubber Tarp Straps are a fast and easy way to make sure that your tarps are doing their job and keeping your load protected. Our Rubber Tarp Straps are available in 21 and 31 inch lengths.

These small rubber cords are made only to secure tarps. DO NOT use Rubber Tarp Straps as your main method of securement because that is not what they are designed for. There is a great risk of damage to you and the strap if you use them as a load securement method.

You should always wear head and eye protection when securing the straps and each strap should be thoroughly inspected for damage before use. They should not be used on sharp or abrasive surfaces and should not be stored in hot areas as they are rubber and the heat could cause damage over a period of time.