Coil Racks

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48 inch by 30 inch


Coil racks are sturdy and easy to use on trailer beds. Re-enforced end give extra stability. The heavy gauge steel construction is an extremely durable, reliable coil hauling solution.

38.5” long x 2.75” wide
32.5” between stops

Coil Racks

Many truckers in the flatbed industry haul heavy steel coils weighing up to 100,800 pounds. The round shape of these coils means that they can easily roll and move around the truck if not secured correctly.

For a job like this, Ratchet Straps alone will not do the job so truckers use Coil Racks for securing the large steel coils. Our coil racks are typically paired with two 4×4 wooden blocks to lock the load into the heavy steel Coil Racks.

Our Coil Racks are 38.5 inches long and 2.75 inches wide with a 32.5 inch gap between the ends. The ends are reinforced to give you the extra peace of mind while hauling. The reinforced ends add a layer of protection to the already strong and durable heavy gauge construction of the Coil Racks.