1" Black Cambuckle 600 lbs

Item# 3100021

600 lbs BS
200 lbs WLL

1-inch Cam Buckle Hardware with a 600 lbs breaking strength is designed for light-duty securement applications such as in the back of a pickup truck bed, or pickup trailer, or used in hunting applications such as trail cameras. One of the major benefits of this durable hardware is its lightweight design and affordable price point which makes setting up multiple trail cameras a breeze when combined with 1-inch wide polyester tie-down webbing.

This hardware features tiny teeth near the cam buckle hardware that once secured holds polyester tie-down webbing and alternative applications in place without the risk of coming undone or sliding out of place that alternative buckle hardware may cause. This product comes in a stealthy black finish coating that helps to protect the metal hardware from possible corrosion and rust over time while being outside in the elements.

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Full box quantity — 500 pieces (Pricing is PER PIECE)
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