2" Small Ratchet

Item# 3200051

4,400 lbs BS
1,466 lbs WLL

Break Strength — 4,400 lbs

Our 2-inch Small Ratchet hardware is the same exact ratchet we use on all of our e-track ratchet straps with e-fittings. This ratchet is extremely good when space is limited and you need a smaller-sized ratchet to tighten into place. This Ratchet hardware features a 4,400 lbs breaking strength and a safe assembly working load limit rating of 1,466 lbs.

The 2-inch Small Ratchet Hardware is approximately 5.25 inches in Length and 3.375 inches in Width. Made from heavy-duty construction and engineered to last from repetitive heavy usage. This Hardware works great with our 2-inch wide polyester tie-down webbing and 2-inch end fitting hardware such as Hooks, Rings, and E Track Fittings.

If you have any questions you can give our experts a call today at 800-807-5634 and they would be happy to assist you with any questions, if you need a quote, or if you are interested in learning more about our bulk quantity discount pricing. We look forward to helping you find the ideal 2-inch Ratchet Hardware for all of your securement needs.

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Full box quantity — 45 pieces (Pricing is PER PIECE)
Call for large quantity discount

$5.25 USD