2" Flat Hook

Item# 3200155

10,000 lbs BS
3,335 lbs WLL

Break Strength — 10,000 lbs

2-inch Flat Hooks hardware is the most commonly used hook hardware for flatbed trailers and car tie-down straps. Flat Hooks simply slide into the edge of the flatbed trailer and can also latch into the pockets on most trailers.

Flat Hook Ratchet Straps are one of the straps that professional truckers need in order to get the job done safely for securing various weights and sizes of cargo. If you have any questions or if you need a bulk quantity pricing quote delivered to your doorstep you can give us a call today at 800-807-5634.

Full box quantity — 60 pieces (Pricing is PER PIECE)
Call for full box or large quantity discount

$2.70 USD