How to use Moving Blankets for Soundproofing on a Budget

Published on 07/13/23

Using Moving Blankets As A Affordable Sound Proofing

When it comes to producing high-quality sound recordings for audio sessions, music tracks, podcasts, or your latest social media posts we have a hidden trick to help achieve better sound without spending thousands of dollars to produce it. In this blog post, we will show you how moving blankets can help you create pristine sound quality while on a budget. Let’s begin.

Moving Blanket Three Pack 8211 Lodi Metals

What are Moving Blankets?

Moving Blankets have become a staple in the professional moving industry as they are similar to household blankets, but are much heavier in physical weight as they use more material and provide a “S” pattern stitching. Traditionally these moving blankets are used to protect sensitive surfaces, antiques, and other valuables during a move so they don’t receive any damage while moving from point A to point B inside moving vans or enclosed trailers.

Heavy-duty Moving Blankets on average weigh between 6.5 lbs to 7.5 lbs each or 83-93 lbs per dozen blankets and offer unmatched protection compared to household blankets. As the moving blankets use much more materials than typical blankets they are great at helping reduce excess echoes or sound from outside of the room from entering and disturbing your recording session.

JayZ using moving blankets to record his album

While moving blankets isn’t complete soundproofing blankets that can help by absorbing some of the sounds in recordings studios to help make your recording sessions sound much better. Did you know that moving blankets have even been used by professional recording artists during the early 2000s? As you can see in the image below Jay-Z actually recorded his first album with moving blankets hanging behind him and above him to achieve the sound quality he was looking for. (Source: MovingBlanketsUSA)

Moving blankets being hung up near doorway to stop excess sound

How Many Moving Blankets Do I Need For Sound Proofing?

This answer is hard to say as everyone’s recording location may be different in terms of the size of the room. However, we recommend you have enough blankets to cover at least the sides and the front or rear of the microphone to absorb as much sound as possible to eliminate added unwanted sounds in your recording. Our Moving blankets come in the industry standard sizes of 72 inches by 80 inches and three different variations of weight.

The different weights of moving blankets we offer:
Non-Woven Blankets54 to 64 lbs per dozen blanketsLight-weight
Van Pad Blankets78 to 87 lbs per dozen blanketsStandard-weight
Furniture Pads83 to 93 lbs per dozen blanketsHeaviest-weight

Moving Blankets used a way of cheap sound proofing

How Moving Blankets Reduce Unwanted Soundwaves

• The moving blankets are made from dense materials such as cotton or polyester fibers. Which helps provide the blankets with added mass and density. The density helps to reduce sound transmission by absorbing and blocking sound waves.

• Layers – Multiple layers of moving blankets can be used together to increase their sound absorption capabilities. Although it won’t remove every unwanted noise it can greatly reduce most of them. By using multiple layers of moving blankets you can greatly reduce the amount of sound waves that have to pass through the material, overall enhancing the sound absorption.

• Moving blankets can absorb sound by draping them over walls, windows, and doors which are the main causes of unwanted sound inside of houses or recording studios. This can greatly help improve sound quality by reducing sound transmission through these openings.

Moving blanket recording studio setup

How to install Moving Blankets for Ultimate Sound Dampening

Ultimately, everyone is going to have a slightly different setup from user to user. However, you will want to find a way to hang the blankets or drape them over the recording studio itself. Fasteners such as chip bag clips, grommets, and hooks are some of the best ways to ensure that once the moving blankets are carefully set up into place they will not move out of place.

We have attached several pictures throughout this blog of examples of personal experiences from our customers on the best layouts and setups that have produced the best results. There is really no wrong answer to installing the moving blankets around your setup as long as you are using moving blankets around the microphone there should be a noticeable difference.

Moving Blankets used to record a song

Shop our Popular Moving Blankets


Approx: 83-93 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”


Approx: 78-87 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”


Approx: 54-64 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”

Moving blankets used as a way to absorb excess sound

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Moving Blankets Machine Washable? – We recommend against doing this as lighter-duty moving blankets have been known to tear while inside washing machines. We instead recommend that anyone looking to refresh their moving blankets use water and a light scrub and let air dry instead. You can also use fabric sprays such as febreeze to make the moving blankets smell better if they produce a bad odor over time.

Will Moving Blankets Eliminate All Sound Inside of the Room? – No, but the moving blankets dense layers of fabric can greatly reduce the amount of sound that is coming in or reduce the number of echoes inside the room. A general rule of thumb is the more blankets and the heavier the moving blankets the more sound that they will remove.

What Moving Blanket Do You Recommend for Sound Absorbing? – We will always recommend purchasing our heaviest-duty moving blankets which are our Furniture pads. These are sold by the singles or by the dozen blankets depending on how many you are looking for to help remove excess sound.

How Many Moving Blankets Do You Recommend for Sound Dampening? – We recommend at least using four of our blankets at a minimum. This would be used for one in front of you, one behind you, and one on each side. This will show the best results in most cases, however depending on the size of the room you may need more blankets to show the best results.

Can Moving Blankets be used in combination with other soundproofing materials? – Absolutely, we strongly urge moving blankets to be used with other soundproofing materials when possible to provide you with the best quality sound recording. Moving Blankets are great due to their price point for instant results, but there may be other options on the market that provide similar or greater results as well.