Non-Woven Warehouse Pads 72x80 DOZEN

Item# 3000183

Approx: 54-64 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”

Key Features:
• 72 inches by 80 inches wide per blanket.
• Colorfast stitching process to provide true color.
• 4.5 – 5.5 lbs per blanket or 54 lbs to 64 lbs per dozen blankets.
• S-style lock stitching to provide ultimate durability and protection to sensitive surfaces.
Weight per dozen blankets is approximate and varies

Our non-woven warehouse pad is our lightest-duty moving blanket and is considered an extremely economical blanket. Moving Blanket’s level of protection is based on the amount of fabric that is used per blanket and is determined by the weight per dozen moving blankets. This moving blanket weighs 54 to 64 lbs per dozen moving blankets and although it is our lightest-duty blanket when comparing it around the industry it is still one of the heavier-duty blankets available.

This moving blanket is 72 inches tall and 80 inches wide and is made with colorfast material that provides true color. The S-style lock stitching pattern helps to provide ultimate durability and strength through repetitive moves and offers good levels of protection against sensitive surfaces such as wooden surfaces, glass surfaces, appliances, or antiques. Our non-woven warehouse pad is ideal for those who are first-time movers who intend on moving for a limited time or for use around warehouses for transporting finished products to their customers without damage upon arrival.

Moving Blankets help to protect your cargo from potential scratches, dents, scuffs, and nicks during transit that could otherwise cause damage or need total replacement on sensitive surfaces. Moving Blankets are ideal for protecting those sensitive surfaces from deep scratches while transporting personal belongings or cargo down the road.

At Lodi Metals we have been supplying the professional moving industry and first-time movers with quality moving blankets, tie-down straps, stretch wrap, tape, and more since 1993. At our location in Bellville, Ohio we have a large selection of moving supplies in stock and ready to ship often the same business day.

If you have any questions, need a quote, or if you are interested in our large quantity discount pricing you can reach our experts best by giving us a call today at 800-807-5634 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website. We look forward to helping you find exactly what you need to make your next move stress-free and damage-free.

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