How Moving Blankets Can Protect Sensitive Surfaces During a Move

Published on 01/26/23

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What are Moving Blankets?

Moving blankets, my friends, are the unsung heroes of the professional moving industry. These heavy-duty blankets are designed to protect your precious furniture and possessions during a move. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, these blankets are a must-have for any professional mover worth their salt. They come in a variety of weights and materials, but the key is to look for the ones that offer the most protection. Trust me, your fragile antiques and expensive electronics will thank you.

Moving Blankets have become a vital part of the professional moving industry as they can ultimately help movers protect their customer’s sensitive surfaces such as:

• Coffee Tables
• Wooden Chairs
• Dining Table
• Desk
• TV Stands
• Bookshelf
• Bedframe
• Ottoman
• Nightstand
• Entertainment Center
• Kitchen Countertops
• Dresser
• Glass surfaces

Moving blankets are a lifesaver for protecting your precious furniture during a move. These thick, durable blankets create a barrier between your valuable wooden pieces and potential hazards, preventing scratches, dents, and dings. Imagine the frustration of moving a heavy piece of furniture only to discover it’s been damaged upon arrival.

Not only does it cost you money and time to fix or replace it, but it can also hurt your movers’ reputation and lead to costly damage claims. Don’t let sentimental or antique pieces become casualties of your move. Invest in moving blankets for peace of mind during your next move.

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The Different Types of Moving Blankets

When it comes to moving blankets, there are a plethora of options in the professional moving industry. But, the true test of quality? The weight per dozen blankets. The heavier the weight, the heavier the duty of protection. Don’t be fooled by companies claiming to offer heavy-duty blankets at a cheaper price. Make sure you’re comparing apples to apples by checking the weight per dozen before making your next purchase. Remember, when it comes to protecting thousands of dollars worth of furniture, quality is non-negotiable.

Our weight per dozen moving blankets:

Non-woven Warehouse PadsLight-weight Protection54-64 lbs per dozen blankets
Van PadsStandard Protection78-87 lbs per dozen blankets
Furniture PadsHeaviest-Duty Protection83-93 lbs per dozen blankets

Heavy-duty moving blankets are better than standard moving blankets because they are typically made with thicker, more durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear of moving heavy objects. They also often have reinforced corners and edges to protect against tears and holes

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How to use a Moving Blanket Instructions

1). First, choose a high-quality heavy-duty moving blanket. The blanket that you choose should be built to withstand the wear and tear of moving heavy objects and offer superior protection to sensitive surfaces.

2). Start by wrapping the blanket around the item you’re moving, making sure to cover it completely. This will provide a cushion and protection from scratches, dings, and other damage.

3). Use packing tape or stretch wrap to secure the blanket in place. This will prevent it from shifting or coming loose during transit.

4). Use multiple blankets for larger or heavier items. This will provide additional protection and support.

5). Use blankets to pad the inside of a moving truck or storage unit. This will keep items from shifting during transport and protect them from scratches.

6). Remember that quality over quantity is key. Instead of buying many cheap blankets, invest in a few high-quality heavy-duty moving blankets that will provide better protection for your valuables.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to use your moving blanket like a pro and ensure that your items stay safe and secure during your move.

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Approx: 83-93 lbs/dz
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Approx: 78-87 lbs/dz
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S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”


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Frequently Asked Moving Blanket Questions

How Long Do Moving Blankets Last? – When it comes to moving blankets, it’s all about finding the right balance between protection and cost-effectiveness. Generally speaking, moving blankets that use less amount of fabric, stitching, and overall weight per blanket offer less protection for both the surfaces and durability over time. For extremely light-duty moving blankets, you may only get one or two uses out of them. But for standard quality moving blankets, you can expect to use them for greater than several moves. And heavy-duty moving blankets, are built to withstand repetitive moves. So, it’s all about finding the right blanket for your needs and budget.

Can You Wash Moving Blankets? – When it comes to moving blankets, cleanliness may be next to godliness, but it’s not always the best idea. We highly recommend against washing or cleaning moving blankets. The use of harsh chemicals can cause damage to the stitching over time, and even a trip through the washing machine can cause potential wear and tear damage. It’s best to keep them clean by covering them with a plastic sheet or a tarp after using them. It’s a small price to pay for ensuring that your moving blankets will be ready to protect your belongings for many moves to come.

What Moving Blankets Level of Protection Do You Recommend? – When it comes to protecting your valuables during a move, you don’t want to skimp on quality. That’s why we always recommend going for either the standard protection or our heavy-duty moving blankets. These blankets offer stronger levels of protection and durability, meaning you won’t have to worry about them becoming damaged or destroyed after just one use.

The quality of these blankets is much higher, making them a wise investment for anyone planning multiple moves. Sure, lower-level moving blankets may be more affordable, but we only suggest using them if you’re only planning on moving once in the next several years. It’s all about making sure your belongings stay safe and secure during every move.

What is the Best Way to Hold Moving Blankets in Place? – When it comes to keeping your moving blankets securely in place during a move, there are a variety of options available. Some of the best ways to hold moving blankets in place can include using tie-down straps such as ratchet straps and cam buckle straps, wrapping them in plastic wrap, or using moving rubber bands specifically designed for these types of applications, or even packaging tape.

These tools will ensure that your moving blankets stay securely in place, protecting your belongings and preventing any damage during the moving process. It’s all about finding the right solution for your specific needs and making sure your valuables are protected every step of the way.