How Flatbed Winch Straps Became The Go To Strap for Flatbed Trailers

Published on 05/09/24

Flatbed Trailer attached to Peterbilt with Flatbed Winch Straps  Lodi Metals

What Are Flatbed Winch Straps

Flatbed Winch Straps have become the go-to strap for cargo control for professional flatbed truckers due to their affordability and heavy-duty strength. Winch Straps are ultimately the long end only found on ratchet straps and commonly 27 feet or 30 feet long.

Winch straps are unique because they are tightened using an installed flatbed winch along the rub rail or sides of the flatbed trailer. This helps eliminate the need for heavy and expensive ratchet hardware to tighten ratchet straps cargo into place. In return, this saves you the need to purchase the heavy ratchet hardware that weighs over 8 lbs alone.

This helps to save an average of $30 to 35 dollars per winch strap purchased instead of traditional 4-inch Ratchet Straps. At an average of 20 to 30 straps per flatbed trailer, these price savings quickly add up.

Assortment of Winch Straps for Flatbed Trailers

Why Flatbed Truckers Prefer Flatbed Winch Straps

Affordability and Cost to Replace – Winch Straps are extremely affordable and cost-efficient when it comes to replacing straps that have become damaged or in need of replacement over time. At an average cost of a third of the price compared to ratchet hardware without giving up quality or strength it’s become the go-to strap for professional flatbed operators and owner-operators.

Easy to Tighten and Release – Winch Straps take on average only several minutes to tighten or release and have the strap ready to go into storage. The winch straps are tightened into place by using a flatbed winch that can be permanently installed in a fixed position or along a sliding winch rail that slides around for those transporting various cargo sizes or different loads from day to day to offer ultimate flexibility.

Easy to Store When Not In Use – Winch Straps are one of the easiest straps to store as they only contain the long end and minimal amounts of hardware compared to ratchet straps. This makes them easy to store in between use and extremely affordable to ship to your location.

Heavy Duty Strength and Durability – We have several different widths of winch straps and strengths to fit any type of flatbed securement application. Whether you are securing oversized heavy cargo or moving construction materials, we have a strap designed to fit every application need.

Heavy Duty Flatbed Winch Straps Installed on Flatbed Trailer  Lodi Metals

Are Winch Straps for Flatbed Trailers Heavy Duty?

2-inch, 3-inch, and 4-inch Winch Straps are made from the same material as their ratchet strap counterparts which means the Working Load Limit Rating and the hardware and materials used are the same. Did you know that you can even use the winch straps as a long-end replacement for your Ratchet Straps to make the ratchet strap longer?

Made from polyester tie-down webbing that is extremely heavy-duty, durable, and has minimal traces of stretching, it is ideal for cargo control applications to keep your cargo safely secured in place and prevent it from moving around. Tie-down straps that stretch are at risk of cargo becoming unsecured and potentially damaging or destroying in transit.

Another added benefit of using polyester webbing is the resistance to direct sunlight, mold, and mildew, The most commonly used types of end-fitting hardware used for winch straps include either flat hooks or wire hooks. Both of these hooks’ hardware make for an easy securement and easy-to-release design when you are done using them.

2inch Custom Winch Strap with Swivel Snap Hook  Lodi Metals

The Different Types of Winch Straps

2-inch Winch Straps – All of our 2-inch winch straps are made with our heaviest-duty 2-inch polyester tie-down webbing blend that features a 12,000 lbs breaking strength and a safe assembly working load limit rating of 3,335 lbs. This size of winch straps is ideal for securing general cargo transported on flatbed trailers.

Some of the end fitting hardware choices for our 2-inch Winch Straps include Flat Hooks, Wire Hooks, Heavy Duty Flat Snap Hook, Twisted Snap Hook, Swivel Snap Hook, and Chain and Hook. As these straps are mainly made to order they can be made in any color of 12,000 lbs 2-inch polyester tie-down webbing and the length of webbing needed to tackle your next securement safely.

38221 x 278217 Winch Strap with Flat Hook  Lodi Metals

3-inch Winch Straps – Our 3-inch Winch Straps are made with our heavy-duty 3-inch polyester tie-down webbing blend that features an 18,000 lbs breaking strength and a safe assembly working load limit rating of 5,400 lbs. Depending on your cargo control preference, some of the end-fitting hardware includes our Wire Hook, Flat hook, and Chain and Hook hardware. These straps are custom-made to order so you can choose the exact length of winch strap that you are looking for.

4-inch Winch Straps – Our 4-inch Winch Straps are our heaviest duty winch straps and are made from our 24,000 lbs 4-inch wide polyester tie down webbing, Featuring a 5,400 lbs or greater safe working load limit rating per strap and we have a variety of straps that are in stock and ready to ship or custom-made to order depending on the ideal strap for your cargo control application.

48221 x 278217 Winch Strap with Flat Hooks Box of 10 Pieces  Lodi Metals

Shop Our Popular Winch Straps


Railroad Approved Strap
Assembly 5,400 lbs WLL


For 4-inch Straps
WHITE Plastic


Railroad Approved Strap
Assembly 5,400 lbs WLL


Railroad Approved Strap
Assembly 5,400 lbs WLL


8” x 8” x 10”
4-inch Wide Slot for Straps


Webbing 12,000 lbs BS
Assembly 3,335 lbs WLL


Webbing 12,000 lbs BS
Assembly 3,335 lbs WLL


Webbing 12,000 lbs BS
Assembly 3,335 lbs WLL


Webbing 12,000 lbs BS
Assembly 3,335 lbs WLL


Webbing 18,000 lbs BS
Assembly 5,400 lbs WLL


BOX OF 10 Straps
Assembly 5,400 lbs WLL


Webbing 24,000 lbs BS
Assembly 5,400 lbs WLL

Flatbed Winch Straps Installed on Flatbed Trailer  Lodi Metals

Frequently Asked Flatbed Winch Strap Questions

Can Winch Straps Be Used For Towing? – You should never use flatbed winch straps for towing as they were not designed to do such. The polyester webbing stretches very little which could cause damage to the vehicle or cause the strap to snap. If you want a webbing blend that is designed for towing you should look at our recovery tow straps which are made from a nylon webbing blend.

How Many Flatbed Winch Straps Should You Use? – With any tie-down strap or flatbed winch strap you should always ask yourself if a strap were to fail would your cargo remain safely secured in place. If the question is no, you should consider using more straps and spread the straps out to ensure all areas of the cargo are safely secured from different corners.

What Is The Average Number of Winch Straps Per Flatbed Trailer? – On average, most flatbed trailers commonly store between 20 to 30 winch straps at once. This gives you 10 to 15 to use on your load depending on the weight and the size of the load, as well as extras in case some were to become damaged or need to be repaired over time. It’s generally better to have extra winch straps on hand than to find yourself in a situation where you don’t have enough winch straps to safely secure your load.