How to Pick The Ideal E Track System for Your Enclosed Trailer

Published on 04/16/24

E Track Installed Inside of Moving Van  Lodi Metals

What Are E Track Rail Systems?

E Track Rail Systems have become a staple for the cargo control industry for enclosed trailers, professional movers moving vans, and the professional trucking industry for dry van trailers. E-Track Rails can be found inside enclosed trailers, dry van trailers, landscaping trailers, or moving vans installed either horizontally or vertically.

The e-track rail systems can help provide a variety of anchor points for your cargo control securement preference of choice ranging from e-track load bars, e-track straps, or a large selection of e-track accessories.

One of the main reasons that e-track rails are so popular is that they can be installed in either sections, in rows to provide load stabilization, or throughout the entire length of the trailer or moving van to fit your cargo securement needs. You can also mix and match to provide several columns of vertical e-track mixed with several rows of horizontal e-track rails to create the ideal rail system for your needs.

Dry Van Trailer Equipped with Horizontal E Track Rails  Lodi Metals

How To Pick The Ideal E Track Rails For Your Securement Application

Before determining what rail system combination works best for your enclosed trailer or moving van, you will want to know what cargo you intend to secure. If you plan to secure a vehicle inside of your trailer and know roughly where you want your securement locations to be you could easily get away with purchasing either (4) pieces of 2-foot horizontal e-track rails or a section of rails that go along the entire length of the trailer.

However, if you are someone such as a professional mover who may never secure the same load day-to-day you should consider equipping your moving van with more e-track pieces and longer lengths. This helps to provide you with flexibility as you can hook into numerous securement locations around the moving van to find the perfect angle to tie down your cargo.

E Track Rails can be used for cargo control with tie-down straps, but did you know that you can also use e-track bars to provide load stabilization or e-track accessories to get more out of your e-track system? E Track Accessories can range from easy storage that connects to your rail system. These rope tie-offs allow tie-down straps with hook hardware to latch into your e-track, or various other products to make your e-track rail system ideal for your day-to-day operations easier.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Purchasing E Track:
• Does horizontal, vertical, or a combination of both e-track rails work best for your securement needs?
• What is the total length of the e-track that you need to equip your enclosed trailer or moving van with?
• Do you prefer a powder-coated or galvanized finish?
• How many pieces you will need to meet your total length requirements?

You will also want to pre-plan how you intend to install the e-track into your enclosed trailer or moving van. You will want to refer to your trailer or moving van manufacturers’ guidelines for a proper installation. You may need to test several different fasteners or wood screws to decide what works for your installation.

Once you have determined which e-track rail works best for your application and the total length of the e-track has been determined you can now go about purchasing the rails online. If you are interested in purchasing 10-feet sections of e-track there is a ten-piece minimum order as they are required to go LTL-Freight due to their size and shipping costs.

The other option would be to purchase 5-foot sections that can go either UPS or FedEx ground shipping and do not require to be shipped LTL-freight. This can help reduce the cost of shipping as e-track rails can be installed in multiple pieces to make one rail piece along either the flooring or walls of the trailer or moving van.

If you need a shipping quote you can reach our experts best by giving us a call today at 800-807-5634 or by using our online Contact Us form. Our experts would be happy to provide you with further information, large-quantity discount pricing, or a quote. We look forward to helping you find exactly what you need for your next e-track securement.

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How to Equip Your E Track System with E Track Accessories

After you have installed your e-track system successfully it is now time to outfit the trailer or moving van with e-track accessories tailored to your daily operations.

E Track Load Bars:

E Track Load Bars are designed to provide load stability primarily in dry van trailers for the professional trucking and cargo control industries. E Track Bars are adjustable to fit a wide selection of trailer widths. Once the bars are latched into the e-track rails they provide load stabilization to prevent cargo from tipping over, cargo from moving around, or to allow cargo to be stacked as you can create layers with the e-track load bars.

E Track Bars are designed to protect the drivers from injuries when unloading as they open the dry van dock doors from cargo that may be at risk of tipping over. Cargo that tips out of the trailer not only poses a threat of injuring the driver or others around but can also cause the cargo to become damaged or destroyed in the process. This causes potential injuries, destroyed or damaged cargo, upset customers, and potential loss of repeat business.

E Track Load Bars are available in standard-duty and heavy-duty options and can be made from either steel or aluminum materials. We also have optional hoops that provide a larger surface area that helps utilize one bar with a larger surface area which is ideal for pallets or boxes stacked to act as if there are multiple bars.

E Track Straps Securing Pallet of Metal  Lodi Metals

E Track Tie Down Straps:

There are two main types of e-track tie-down straps with one being e-track cam buckle straps and the other being e-track ratchet straps. The most common lengths of webbing for e-track straps are 12-foot, 16-foot, and 20-foot in length.

One of the benefits of using e-track straps is the color of the webbing indicates the length of the strap. Yellow is 12 feet long, Gray is 16 feet long, and Blue is 20 feet long as an industry standard. This helps you know exactly how long of a strap you are working with so you don’t have to spend time seeing if the strap is long enough.

E Track Straps are made from high-quality and heavy-duty polyester tie-down webbing engineered to provide excellent durability, strength, and minimal stretching so that once your cargo is secured, it does not move out of place while on the road.

Rope Tie Off Straps for E Track Systems

E Track Accessories:

One of the most popular types of e-track accessories is our Rope Tie Offs which allows you to use traditional tie-down straps with hook hardware with your e-track system. This is because the rope tie-offs have ring hardware that creates an anchor point, and the strap’s end uses an e-track fitting to quickly latch into your e-track rails and create a heavy-duty securement. These straps feature a 1,466 lbs safe working load limit rating and use polyester tie-down webbing that is used with all of our tie-down straps.

Our E Track Dolly Strap is another popular e-track accessory as it is designed with two e-track fittings on each end of the strap and can be custom-made in any length. This strap helps to hold items along the wall of the trailer or moving van such as appliance dollies, air compressors, fuel jugs, and more. Although these are some of the many popular e-track accessories there are many accessories designed to make storage, organization, and day-to-day operations easier.

No matter if you are a landscaper, professional mover, professional dry van operator, first-time user, or someone who is looking for an easier way to save time there are e-track accessories for everyone. You can view our full selection of E Track Accessories to see all of our options and product offerings.

The Different Types of E Track Straps and Rope Tie Offs  Lodi Metals

Shop Our Popular E Track Rails and Accessories


12 Gauge Steel


Cambuckle 3,000 lbs BS
Assembly 915 lbs WLL


Cambuckle 3,000 lbs BS
Assembly 915 lbs WLL


Cambuckle 3,000 lbs BS
Assembly 915 lbs WLL


Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Dual Fittings on Fixed End
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


1,466 lbs WLL
Versatile, Easy to Use


2 inches Wide
Multiple Lengths Available


42” x 140” w/20” Squares
E-Fittings on Both Ends

Horizontal Galvanized E Track Rails for E Track Systems

Frequently Asked E Track System Questions

What is the Easiest Way to Cut E-Track Rails to Length? – The easiest way to cut e-track rails is by using a reciprocating or circular saw. These are typically the best way to cut the metal e-track rails as they provide a clean cut and are long enough to cut the rail safely.

What Are E Track Rails Safely Rated For? – E Track Rails are unable to be rated due to the different strengths of walls and flooring from manufacturer to manufacturer. You should instead refer to your trailer or moving van manufacturer for strength limitations.

Do E Track Rails Rust? – E track rails are coated in either a painted finish, galvanized finish, or powder coating finish to help prevent rust along the rails. However, if they become dinged, scratched, or exposed to extreme moisture they may form small areas of surface rust over time. Typically it is pretty uncommon to find rust along the e-track rails.