Everything You Need to Know About Moving Blankets

Published on 04/22/22

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How Moving Blankets Can Make Your Next Move Safer

Moving Blankets have become a staple of the professional moving industry and are used by first-time movers alike as a way to help protect sensitive surfaces that otherwise could be at risk of becoming damaged. Some of these sensitive surfaces include wooden furniture, glass surfaces, TVs, antiques, car parts, and more.

Moving Blankets work by providing a surface between boxes, sharp edges, or other items that are being transported during your move from creating new scratches on sensitive surfaces that can cause a great deal of damage and even cause brand new furniture to need to be replaced or repaired once you arrive at your next location. Moving Blankets come in several different weights and levels of protection to help different provide different levels of protection and budgets.

Our lightest weight moving blankets are our Warehouse Moving Blankets which weigh 54 to 64 lbs per dozen and are used for more limited time use and provide a good level of protection for most surfaces. Next is our Van Pads Moving Blankets that weigh 78 to 87 lbs per dozen and provide a great level of protection and are used for those who move often or several times per year on average. Finally, we have our highest level of protection, our furniture pad moving blankets which weigh approximately 83 to 93 lbs per dozen. Furniture Pads can be used repetitively and we often hear of our customers using these extended periods of daily moving applications for professional moving companies.

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What are Moving Blankets Made From?

A Moving Blanket is a blend of polyester mesh and cotton material that provides a great heavy-duty blanket with the ultimate protection. Furniture Moving Pads may also be called Moving Blankets, Moving Pads, Furniture Pads, and numerous other combinations but have the same goal of protecting cargo from scratches. Moving Blankets are used by both professional and ametuer movers to protect items that have wooden surfaces or other sensitive surfaces that may require extra padding.

All of our moving blankets are made from high quality, strong, and durable cotton material blend that helps to provide the highest levels of protection possible without breaking the bank. All of our moving blankets come in the sizes of 72 inches by 80 inches and include our popular “S” pattern style stitching that helps to provide the moving blankets with extra durability and strength when being used repetitively.

Moving blankets’ level of protection is based on the weight per dozen blankets as the industry-standard way to judge the amount of protection. Often you will find in the moving industry others claiming their blankets are extremely heavy-duty but will often weigh less per dozen than our lowest level of protection blankets. Before purchasing moving blankets make sure to check out the weight per dozen to ensure that you are getting the level of protection that you deserve before it potentially becomes a costly mistake. If you have any questions about any of our moving blankets our moving experts would be happy to assist you further with product information, quotes, or time frames for shipping. You can reach our experts by giving us a call at 800-807-5634 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website.

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The Different Types of Moving Blankets

Hand Truck Covers – Our Hand Truck Covers are designed to be used to protect hand trucks that are used to transport heavy appliances, tables, and other furniture into houses, apartments, or new locations. Hand Truck Covers are made from the same materials as our moving blankets and are 48 inches in height and 16 inches in width and feature velcro for a quick release and quick securement around the hand trucks.

In use Door Jamb Protector to protect door jambs

Door Jamb Protector Pads – Door Jamb Protectors are designed for protecting door jambs wooden and the items being moved into the new location from becoming damaged or scratched during the move. Door Jamb Protectors are ideal for those who are working in smaller-sized spaces that may not always allow you to find the perfect angle to move larger-sized items into the rooms of the new location. Door Jamb Protectors are one of the most economical ways to protect furniture during office and household moves and are made with the same thickness and durable material as our moving blankets and include 3 heavy-duty springs with flared ends to safely hold the door jamb protector pad on the door frame. Help keep your walls and door frames in pristine condition during your next move by purchasing our door jamb protector pads today.

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Shop our Popular Moving Blankets


Approx: 83-93 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”


Approx: 78-87 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”


Approx: 54-64 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”


Padded Cushioning
Secure Spring Clamps


48-inches in Height x 16-inches in Width
Includes Velcro for Quick Release

Frequently Asked Moving Blanket Questions

Can you Wash Moving Blankets? – We highly urge our customers to not machine wash their blankets as it could cause the moving blankets to weaken over time. We strongly urge our customers to never wash our lower tiers of moving blankets as they were designed for limited time use and the fabric during a wash cycle in a washing machine could cause potential damage to the moving blankets. We’ve heard good feedback from our customers about washing our heavy-duty moving blankets but we still urge customers to not wash them if at all possible.

Can you use Moving Blankets for Pet Beds? – Although moving blankets were never designed for such an application we have had many customers use them for pet beds, protecting leather in vehicles, as well as preventing pet hair from sticking in vehicles while transporting cats, dogs, and other animals. Pets are attracted to moving blankets as they provide much more heat from the layers of fabric than traditional household blankets.

What Should I Do if Moving Blankets Start to Smell? – If you notice any odors or smells coming from the moving blankets we recommend using odor eliminators such as Febreze air scents or alternative sprays to help remove the foul-smelling odor. As moving blankets do not do well in washing machines we strongly urge this method of removing odors compared to deep cycle washing them in washing machines.

What Should I Do if Moving Blankets Become Wet? – If you notice your moving blankets have become wet or are absorbing moisture you should immediately attempt to air-dry the blankets in order to help prevent mold or mildew from forming. Mold or Mildew can weaken the strength of your moving blankets over time as well as potentially form a foul-smelling odor. The sooner you dry the blankets typically the better off you will be on reducing the chances of odors or mold.

Can Moving Blankets Be Used for Soundproofing? – Heavier Duty Moving Blankets over the last several years has become a common practice for those who are looking into recording podcasts, music creation, YouTube videos, content creation, Facebook videos, Livestreams, as well as Twitch Streamers as an affordable way to remove excess echoing. Moving Blankets thick layers of fabric help to pull excess sound from causing echoes. Although this is not what the blankets were initially designed for they have become commonly used by our customers as a way to soundproof rooms for content creation and sound recording.

How Many Moving Blankets Do I Need? – For most moves each bedroom could require upwards of a dozen moving blankets. Depending on how many trips you plan to make during your move will ultimately determine the number of blankets you will need for your move. If you plan to make one trip to your new location a dozen blankets may not be enough, but if you are going to make several trips to the next destination then you could likely get by with one or two dozen blankets as long as you bring them back in between uses.

Are Moving Blankets Considered Safe to Sleep On? – Moving Blankets are safe to sleep on and are commonly used inside vehicles. Most of our customers who are not using moving blankets tend to keep them in their vehicles for moving applications and while not in use an emergency blanket that also serves as a warm blanket to sleep with or just to keep you warm during the cold winter months.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Moving Blankets? – We may be slightly biased, but Lodi Metals is one of the largest suppliers of moving blankets in the United States and we have a large selection of different types of blankets for sale. We also sell moving blankets in singles, packs of four, by the dozen, and sold by the truckload capabilities. The best part is if you purchase over $189.00 dollars worth of moving blankets you receive FREE SHIPPING. You can see our full selection of moving blankets and moving blanket specials HERE.