1" Stainless Steel Ratchet

Item# 3100039

3,300 lbs BS
1,100 lbs WLL

Break Strength — 3,300 lbs

This heavy duty stainless steel ratchet is used for heavy duty ratchet straps and made with 304 stainless steel. Lodi Metals uses this ratchet with 3,000 lb webbing and 6,600 lb webbing. This ratchet is great for boating and marine applications; it can be used with the vinyl coated s-hooks or the stainless steel carabiners to make a ratchet strap that will withstand water applications. This ratchet is approximately 5.25” in length by 2.625” in width and accommodates 1” webbing.

Full box quantity — 60 pieces (Pricing is PER PIECE)
Call for full box or large quantity discount

$7.95 USD