1" Black Wide Rubber Handle Ratchet

Item# 3100076

3,300 lbs BS
1,100 lbs WLL

Break Strength — 3,300 lbs

1-inch Black Wide Rubber Handle Ratchet hardware is designed for heavy-duty cargo securement when combined with 1-inch wide polyester tie-down webbing. When combined this makes extremely heavy-duty 1-inch ratchet straps featuring upwards of 1,100 lbs working load limit ratings. This hardware features a 1,100 lbs working load limit rating or a 3,300 lbs breaking strength and is designed to be extremely durable.

One of the reasons this ratchet hardware is popular is due to the rubber handle grip that makes for easy tightening while outside in the elements such as rain, snow, ice, or even extreme heat to prevent getting burned while outside in direct sunlight for long periods of time. The black coating provides a sleek and stealthy design while providing added grip and comfort while securing your cargo.

Some of the popular types of securement applications for this ratchet hardware include hunting securement applications, various cargo securement in pickup trailers, and stage production where the sleek look blends in where it matters the most. This hardware is approximately 5.25 inches in length and 2.625 inches in width and is designed for use only with 1-inch polyester tie-down webbing.

Create the perfect custom-made 1-inch ratchet strap using this hardware in combination with end fittings such as S hooks, Wire hooks, snap hooks, and polyester tie-down webbing at affordable prices today. You can find out more information by giving us a call at 800-807-5634 today.

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Full box quantity — 60 pieces (Pricing is PER PIECE)
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