1" Wrench Operated Ratchet

Item# 3100074

1,760 lbs BS
585 lbs WLL

Breaking Strength — 1,760 lbs

Are you in need of a secure and efficient way to tighten your tie-down webbing? The 1-inch Wrench Operated Ratchet hardware is here to help. Designed specifically for use with 1-inch wide polyester tie-down webbing, this ratchet provides a reliable and durable solution for your securement needs.

To tighten this ratchet, simply use a 19mm metric wrench or socket. This wrench-operated design makes it easy to get the desired tightness, and it’s commonly used for shipping motorcycle crates, lawnmower crates, and other general crates. Don’t let subpar hardware hold you back – choose the 1-inch Wrench Operated Ratchet for secure and efficient tie-down solutions.

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