1" Stainless Steel Ratchet

Item# 3100039

3,300 lbs BS
1,100 lbs WLL

Hardware Breaking Strength — 3,300 lbs

1-inch Stainless Steel Ratchet Hardware is used for heavy-duty ratchet straps and is made with 304 stainless steel. This hardware can be paired with both our 3,000 lbs or 6,600 lbs polyester webbing to make a strong and durable 1-inch ratchet strap with end-fitting hardware of choice. This hardware works great for boating or marine applications and can be used with our popular vinyl-coated s hooks or stainless steel carabiners to make a ratchet strap that is designed to withstand water applications.

This Ratchet Hardware is approximately 5.25 inches in length by 2.625 inches in width and can accommodate 1-inch polyester tie-down webbing. This hardware is great for standing the test of time in the elements or in marine applications where other hardware may not last as long.

Full box quantity — 60 pieces (Pricing is PER PIECE)
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$7.95 USD