1" Push Release Endless Loop Strap

Item# A41961

Webbing 1,500 lbs BS
Buckle – Not Rated

This strap is NOT RATED because of the lightweight buckle

1 inch Push Release Endless Loop Straps do not have a rating due to the push release not being rated. These straps are great for bundling sticks or tent poles together to hold them in place. However, the push release buckle is very easy to loosen or tighten and is extremely user-friendly. This strap is available in many different lengths and colors of webbing to help you make the perfect custom-made to order strap for your application needs.

Features our 1,500 lbs breaking strength 1-inch polyester tie-down webbing that is extremely durable and great out in the weather. The push release hardware although it is not rated is very durable compared to alternative push releases in the industry and has great feedback from those who have used these straps.

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$2.95 USD