1" Black Endless Loop Ratchet Strap

Item# A41977ER

Webbing 1,500 lbs BS
Assembly 500 lbs WLL

Ratchet 1,500 lbs Breaking Strength
Working Load Limit – 500 lbs

1-inch Black Endless Loop Ratchet Straps with a 1,500 lbs breaking strength is designed to secure cargo to pallets, bundle cargo together to save space, for outdoor hunting applications, or protect sensitive surfaces by holding moving blankets in place during a move.

Endless Loop Tie Down Straps can be known as Lashing Straps or Continous Loop Straps as they have no end-fitting tie-down hardware and loop back to become secured.

Made from 1,500 lbs breaking strength polyester tie-down webbing that provides great strength and very little stretch ratio to ensure once the cargo is secured it doesn’t come out of place. Polyester is the webbing of choice for cargo securement applications as it does extremely well while outside in the elements and added durability.

This strap can be made in a variety of different lengths of webbing or found in several in-stock sizes such as our 10 foot and 15 foot lengths.

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10 ft and 15 ft are In Stock
Made to order, choose options below:

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