What Are Moving Straps?

Published on 01/05/18

Moving straps can also be called moving slings, shoulder moving straps, or even call forearm straps. Moving straps are the idea that you can use straps in order to help balance the weight distribution of the item you are attempting to move and save endless arm pain, bad form, and improper moving techniques when moving the heavier items such as a couch or a cabinet.

Perks of using Moving Straps
Less likely to get hurt
Less likely to damage any belongings you may own surrounding the moving straps
A quicker, happier moving experience
Save you time and any potential money in labor costs
You can move the object you are moving with the moving straps without excessive bending and you can readily control the products as well

If you are preparing you use the furniture moving straps correctly, there will be a few steps you will want to take to ensure the ultimate safety throughout the moving process.

5 Quick Moving Straps Tips
1. Make a clear and visible pathway in which you are going to move the item before attaching the straps to the item. You aren’t going to want to spend more time than you have to carrying the object you are moving around attempting to clear a path.
2. Wear shoes that provide enough grip to avoid any slipping or tripping. This is a quick little tip, but it’s very important to not take a chance with!
3. Move the lifting straps / moving straps under the object, center the straps under the object, and then place near the outside of the object. This creates the ultimate balance and weight distribution.
4. When you begin to move using the Moving Straps, take small steps with either you or your partner moving backwards and the other one moving forward.
5. May sound obvious, but you need to work as a team. Begin lifting at the same time as your partner, bend your knees, walk at the same speed, and try not to rush as rushing tends to lead to many problems with injuries and damaged items.

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