What are Moving Blankets?

Published on 07/06/18

What exactly is a Moving Blanket and how can it help your next move? Today will be discussing how a Moving Blanket can save you time, protect your valuables, and save you money.

What is a Moving Blanket?

A Moving Blanket is a blend of polyester mesh and cotton material that provides a great heavy duty blanket with the ultimate protection. Furniture Moving Pads may also be called Moving Blankets, Moving Pads, Furniture Pads, and numerous other combinations but have the same goal of protecting cargo from scratches. Moving Blankets are used by both professional and ametuer movers to protect items that have wooden surfaces or other sensitive surfaces that may require extra padding.

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Furniture moving pads are great for anyone who plans on moving to a new location or a professional moving business who could benefit from the extra layer of protection to ensure that all items that are moved arrive at their destination scratch free. There is nothing worse than going through a stressful and time-consuming move than to arrive at the destination with damaged or scratched goods. Moving Blankets can help prevent both minor and major scratches from occurring with our heavy duty weight moving blankets that help fight against the toughest of scratches.

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What sets our moving blankets and furniture pads away from our competitors is our high-quality polyester and cotton mesh fabric. Heavy in weight these heavy duty Furniture blankets provide excellent protection for even the strongest scratches. Our S pattern stitching on the Moving Blankets provide a great heavy duty, yet durable material that is made to last.

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We also offer lighter weight Moving Blankets that are perfect for those one time uses, as well as easier to store. The lightweight moving blankets may be used for a more limited run compared to our heavy duty multiple uses moving blankets. If you aren’t sure what fits your application best here are a few questions to ask yourself. Are you looking to move multiple times where the moving blankets will be used frequently, or will this be a once or twice moving event?

Chances are if you intend on moving once or twice then our Lightweight Moving Blankets that provide a great affordable price, light in weight, and may be less durable will be more ideal for you. However, if you are a professional mover who may be looking to make several moves in a short period or long term than our more durable and greater protection that may be provided by our heavy duty furniture pads may be greater fitting for you.

Lightweight Moving Blankets  Lodi Metals

Our Moving Blankets come in the dimensions of 72×80 as part of the Moving Blankets industry standard. Moving blankets can vary in weights depending on lightweight, traditional, or heavy-duty moving blankets being the heaviest due to the amount of protection each size offers.

Moving Blankets & Furniture Pads have become an absolute MUST in the moving industry. There is nothing worse than purchasing a nice wooden kitchen table with a wonderful stain pattern and when you are putting in it the new home you look down and see a massive scratch down the middle of it. All of this could have been prevented with the use of high quality moving blankets to highly reduce the chance of receiving damage on your new table.

Where is the best place to buy Moving Blankets

Lodi Metals is one of the leading suppliers of Moving Blankets inside the USA. No matter if you are looking for USA made Moving Blankets, Cheap Cargo Blankets, or looking to supply a moving fleet with Moving Blankets we have it all. Lodi Metals strives on being able to offer Moving Blankets for all budgets and all needs. No matter if you are buying an individual Moving Blanket, in a pack of 4, or by the Dozen we have Moving Blankets for almost any need.

If you intend on buying a large supply of Moving Blankets due to the weight of Moving Blankets shipping costs can be expensive to transport long distances. Our Moving Blankets team would be happy with helping with pricing and receiving a shipping quote to see different size pricing estimates. Give our Furniture Pad Experts a call at 800-807-5634, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Lodi Metals is located in Bellville, Ohio, halfway between Cleveland and Columbus near several large cargo terminals allowing for shortened shipping times. Did you know that orders that are placed before 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time usually will even ship out the same day for our top of the line moving blankets?

Our moving blankets retain the high quality that you expect with moving blankets for a cheap affordable price point for the amount of value you get without moving blankets. Don’t settle for less than you deserve with some of the Chinese imported blankets whose quality does not come close to the quality that could protect your valuable cargo during your next move. Cheap moving blankets that some of our competitors offer may not cover enough protection to keep your wooden or other sensitive surfaces secure during moving.

Best Moving Blankets

When it comes to the best moving blankets on the market Lodi Metals far exceeds the value of any other moving blanket company online. The sheer quality throughout our Moving Blankets between the quality of fabric, high quality S pattern stitching, and the fading resistant colors are part of the reason behind our moving blanket success.

You can shop our full inventory of some of the best moving blankets online by clicking here. Some of the most popular moving blankets we offer on the market are our Furniture pads sold by the dozen in the industry standard size of 72×80 with the color of Blue on Blue Colorfast.

One of our other very popular products includes our single van pads. Made from very strong and durable polyester-cotton mesh material. S style lock stitching throughout the van pad in the traditional 72×80 size.

Some of the things to look for when purchasing the best moving blankets is buying from a reputable and also credible source. Lodi Metals, Inc. has been supplying the tie down and transportation industries with top of the line quality products for over the last 25 years.

The most important thing to have when looking for the best moving blankets is quality in mind. Without quality, you could damage your personal goods that may not always be able to be replaced such as a treasured family piece that may not always be able to put a dollar sign on. These are some of the things to think about when picking a good company to buy from are these going to keep my valuables safe from any potential damage when shipping? Could this damage a customers family piece or expensive to replace valuable? These are some of the questions to ask yourself before your next move.

Moving Blankets Tips

Moving blankets are similar to a traditional blanket but are heavier in weight due to its heavy duty fabric and stitching. Here are some tips to make sure your next moving blanket adventure goes great!

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Cover the top of the item you plan on securing. If the cargo you anticipate on moving is larger, it is very possible that two moving blankets may work best for your application. You can do this by securing one moving blanket on top and using rubber moving bands to secure the first blanket. Secondly, you will flip the item over on to its side that is not secured facing upward if possible. Repeat the steps in order to secure the cargo from both sides with moving blankets until the moving blankets cover the cargo fully.

Blue Furniture Moving Pads in use wrapping around a mini fridge

This will give the surface the ultimate protection against the elements and help prevent scratches with the moving blankets full protection. You can locate the full video from our friends over at Moving Blankets Info that provides a great tutorial on how to utilize a moving blanket in this video demonstration below. Are you using a moving blanket properly? They are designed to transport and protect whatever object they are covering big or small.

As you can tell by the full video there are some really great tips to use on your next move. Make sure to cover all of the edges of the product you are moving. Stretch wrap, tape, and rubber moving blankets are all great for securing the moving blankets.

As the moving blankets and our top of the line rubber moving blankets are high quality and made from durable long lasting products you can simply store these products to be used at a later date. As well as reusing some of the blankets

If you have any questions regarding our wide selection of moving blankets or how moving blankets can make a difference on your next move give our friendly moving blanket pad experts a call at 800-807-5634 we look forward to hearing from you.

To see our full selection of all of our Moving Blankets we have here at Lodi Metals, click here.