Vinyl Oversize Load Sign 18" x 84"

Item# 3000358

18 inch x 84 inch
VINYL with Ropes

Key Features:
• 12” x 2” Letters
• Waterproof
• Weatherproof Polypropylene Ropes

Our Vinyl Oversize Load Sign is 18 inches tall and 84 inches wide and is made with vinyl material. The wide load sign ropes are sewn down the length of the sign and the grommets are in each corner to provide ultimate flexibility when attaching.

Made from heavy-duty, tear-resistant material, that is easily visible to provide safety and caution to other motorists. This sign is made with 12-inch tall letters that help to warn other motorists from far distances and is made to comply with the Department of Transport (DOT) industry standards for cargo control.

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