Square Jack Bar w/Welded 4x4 Feet & Hoops

Item# A76177

Jack Load Bar with Square Tube

Adjusts From: 91” – 107”

Our square jack load bars are made with extremely durable and sturdy, high-quality steel. This helps to provide load stabilization to prevent your cargo from moving out of place or tipping over while on the road which could cause damage to the cargo or a safety risk when opening the dry van trailer dock doors when unloading. This jack bar adjusts from 91 inches to 107 inches and includes our welded 4×4 feet and welded hoops to ensure a more permanent shoring solution with high-quality welds.

Jack-style load bars work similarly to how old-style car jacks work in that you simply “pump” the handle which will push the foot out further to the desired length to hold the bar and cargo in place. These load bars are the most sturdy pressure-style cargo bars that we manufacture and are one of the best quality jack bars on the cargo control market. If you need a bar that is shorter, longer, or a special length you can reach our experts to discuss our cargo bar capabilities as we assemble a majority of our bars in-house to order.

One of the major benefits of using welded hoops is the ability to cover more surface area for cargo ranging from stacked boxes, pallets, or cargo that is at higher risk of tipping over. The welded hoops help to provide load stability that otherwise would take multiple cargo bars to tackle the job safely. This helps to greatly reduce injuries when opening the dock doors as cargo can be leaning on the door and at risk of falling out of the trailer onto the dry van operator. This product does have a 10-piece minimum order size due to the cargo bars needing to go LTL freight due to their size.

At Lodi Metals, we have a full selection of cargo bars ranging from different styles, lengths, and replacement parts to help fit your cargo bar load securement needs. If you have any questions, need a quote, or if you are interested in our large quantity discount pricing you can reach our experts today at 800-807-5634 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website.

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MINIMUM OF 10 BARSCall for a Shipping Quote

$67.00 USD