Lever Load Binder 5/16" x 3/8"

Item# 3000238

Transport Grade 70
6,600 lbs Load Limit

Our Chain Lever Load Binders are designed to work with 5/16-inch and 3/8-inch Grade 70 Transport Chain and are safely rated at a 6,600 lbs working load limit rating. Chain lever load binders are the quickest binders for getting your chain tightened to your load safely. Lever load binders are also commonly the load binder of preference for many professional haulers over ratchet binders due to the time savings and load safety that they offer.

As this lever-style load binder works with both 5/16-inch and 3/8-inch grade 70 transport chains it offers ultimate versatility depending on the chain preference you are using to secure your load. The load binder offers an extremely friendly and easy-to-use design for all experience levels and is made to be durable and long-lasting.

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