How to Use Tie Down Straps with E Track Rails

Published on 03/08/24

Horizontal E Track Rail for Enclosed Trailers and Dry Vans  Lodi Metals

What Are E Track Rail Systems?

E Track Rail Systems have become a staple in the cargo control industry for professional movers and professional truckers. The main reason behind the popularity of e-track systems is the ability to secure cargo by using the heavy-duty strength of the walls or flooring of the trailer once installed. Along the rails are many different anchor points that you can latch your tie-down straps, e-track bars, or e-track accessories into to begin securing your cargo with the heavy-duty strength of the e-track system.

There are two main types of E Track Rails with one being installed Horizontally and the other being installed Vertically. This helps to provide ultimate flexibility for cargo control applications that may not always come in the same sizes, shapes, or weights and may need to be secured from different locations daily.

E Track Rails are made from 50,000 lbs PSI minimum yield high-strength 12-gauge steel. It can be purchased from our storefront in either a galvanized finish or black painted finish which is both ideal to help prevent rust and possible corrosion to the steel. Several different lengths of e-track rails are available, ranging from 2-foot sections, 5-foot sections, 8-foot sections, and 10-foot sections depending on how long you need for your enclosed trailer, dry van trailer, or moving van.

If you have any questions, need a quote, or if you are interested in our large quantity discount pricing you can reach our experts best by giving us a call today at 800-807-5634 or by using our online contact us form located at the top of the website if you prefer communications via email. We look forward to helping you find the information or product you need to secure your cargo.

E Track Rope Tie Offs for E Track Systems  Lodi Metals

What Are E Track Accessories for E Track Rails?

E Track Accessories have become a huge part of the success behind e-track rails due to the ultimate versatility for securing and storage for many different industries ranging from professional movers, landscaping, dry van operators, and more. Make sure to check out our full selection of e-track accessories to help you find ways to make your daily operations easier.

E Track Accessories are ideal for creating anchor points, automotive securement, or using wood beam sockets to prevent cargo from tipping over while on the road. E Track Dolly Straps are commonly used for holding cargo against the walls to prevent utility dollys and other cargo from moving around while on the road and are made from our high-quality polyester tie-down webbing that is used on all of our tie-down straps.

One of the major benefits of using e-track accessories is that the accessories can simply latch into any of the spaces available on the rails to provide flexibility no matter if you are looking to create an anchor point or if you are using the e-track rails as a storage location to make your daily jobs easier and neatly organized.

Example of different types of cam buckle straps  Lodi Metals

How to Use Tie Down Straps with E Track Rails

One of the easiest ways to use traditional tie-down straps that may have hook hardware instead of e-track fittings is by using some of our popular e-track accessories. This helps to use e-track hardware that is designed with rings on it to create a securement anchor with your existing tie-down straps to save you money and provide flexibility. This is ideal for those who are using e-track straps occasionally but already have existing tie-down straps that are not in use and can be used to keep the cargo secured safely.

As seen in the video above we also have a wide selection of Rope Tie Off Straps that can be used to use existing tie-down straps with hooks hardware with e-track rail systems. They are a much more economical solution and are made with our 2-inch wide polyester tie-down webbing that features a 6,000 lbs breaking strength at an average cost of $3.99 per rope tie it is much more affordable than purchasing new e-track tie-down straps to be compatible with e track systems.

16 foot E Track Ratchet Strap Latched into Installed E Track Rails in Enclosed Trailer

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12 Gauge Steel


Cambuckle 3,000 lbs BS
Assembly 915 lbs WLL


Cambuckle 3,000 lbs BS
Assembly 915 lbs WLL


Cambuckle 3,000 lbs BS
Assembly 915 lbs WLL



Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Dual Fittings on Fixed End
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


1,466 lbs WLL
Versatile, Easy to Use


2 inches Wide
Multiple Lengths Available


42” x 140” w/20” Squares
E-Fittings on Both Ends

20foot E Track Cam Buckle Strap for E Track Rails  Lodi Metals

Frequently Asked Tie Down Strap and E Track Questions

What Type of Webbing Are E Track Straps Made From? – E Track Straps are made from high-quality polyester tie-down webbing and are commonly made with 2-inch wide polyester tie-down webbing with a 6,000 lbs breaking strength. Once the strap is assembled the strap has a safe assembly working load limit rating of 1,466 lbs and is one of the highest-quality and heavy-duty straps available for the cargo control industry.

What is the Best Way to Install E Track Rails? – Ultimately, it can be done in various methods ranging from bolts, screws, and more ranging from trailer to trailer. We ultimately recommend you refer to your trailer or moving van manufacturer’s recommendation on the installation as they know your configuration the best and will have the best solution for you to equip your ride with e-track rails.

Are Painted or Galvanized E Track Rails More Popular? – Galvanized tends to be the preferred option due to the added durability of the galvanized finish. However, black is the more economical solution and also provides great durability and has become a more popular solution as they are around 5 to 8 dollars cheaper per piece of 10-foot e-track at the time of this blog post.