How to Choose The Right Moving Blanket for Your Move

Published on 07/06/23

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When it comes to finding the right moving blanket for your next move it can be pretty challenging. Moving blankets are often found in various weights per dozen, different levels of protection, and are made from other fabrics which can make the process very confusing at times. We hope this blog post helps decide which moving blanket is right for you. Let’s begin.

Choosing the right Moving Blanket based on Weight Per Dozen

When it comes to finding the right moving blanket for your moving application needs it ultimately depends on two main questions. How many times do you intend on moving within the next year and how likely the surfaces you are protecting are at risk of becoming damaged or scratched?

Surfaces that are high risk of becoming scratched or risk of becoming damaged – If the surfaces you are protecting are wooden, glass, antiques, or other materials that are at high risk of becoming damaged or if they are expensive to replace consider using our highest quality moving blankets as they offer the highest levels of protection.

High-quality moving blankets can be determined by their weight per dozen. In short, the more fabric and materials used which can be determined by the weight per dozen, the more protection the blankets can offer and the longer that they last. No matter if you are protecting coffee tables, wooden chairs, dining tables, desks, tv stands, countertops, car parts, or other sensitive surfaces moving blankets can help you greatly reduce damage claims and unwanted stress. You can view our full blog on How Moving Blankets Can Protect Sensitive Surfaces During A Move.

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The Different Levels of Durability from Moving Blankets – Lower quality blankets offer lower levels of protection and may only last for a limited amount of time, but are great for those looking to only move once or a fewer number of times. Professional movers often opt for heavier-duty blankets as they can last much longer and can ensure the customer’s personal belongings are safe during the move.

All of the moving blankets that we sell in our online store come in sizes 72×80 and are made with reinforced stitching and heavy-duty materials, and offer binding that helps protect the edges of the blanket for added longevity. These blankets are of much different quality and weight than the ones that you may find at your local hardware store may weigh upwards of 30 lbs per dozen and offer a very limited amount of protection.

Moving Blankets weight per dozen blankets:

Non-woven Warehouse PadsLight-weight Protection54-64 lbs per dozen blankets
Van PadsStandard Protection78-87 lbs per dozen blankets
Furniture PadsHeaviest-Duty Protection83-93 lbs per dozen blankets

Often competitors will attempt to sell products listed as “heavy-duty moving blankets” that are less weight per dozen than our lightest blanket. When choosing the correct moving blankets for your next move it’s important to compare apples to apples for the price and quality you are receiving.

Heavier-duty moving blankets are made with more fabric and materials which creates more layers of protection during your move. The more layers your moving blankets offer the less likelihood of any sensitive surface becoming scratched, dinged, or destroyed during the move. We sell all of our moving blankets in singles, packs of four, and by the dozen moving blankets.

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The Difference Between Moving Blankets and Normal Blankets

In our experience, we often get customers who are confused about the differences between moving blankets and normal household moving blankets. The main difference is moving blankets are often made from a polyester and cotton blend which provides protection, whereas normal household blankets are designed to provide warm through materials such as cotton.

While both of the materials may be similar, the number of materials and the “S” pattern stitching on moving blankets provide surfaces with strength, layers of protection, and extreme durability for repetitive moves. Household blankets tend to offer some levels of protection to sensitive surfaces, but nowhere near the amount of protection that moving blankets can offer. Household blankets tend to last several moves if you are lucky and the surfaces you are protecting may be at risk of becoming destroyed.

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Shop our Popular Moving Blankets


Approx: 83-93 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”


Approx: 78-87 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”


Approx: 54-64 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”


Padded Cushioning
Secure Spring Clamps


48-inches in Height x 16-inches in Width
Includes Velcro for Quick Release

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Frequently Asked Moving Blanket Questions

Are Moving Blankets Machine Washable? – We recommend against doing this practice as over time the moving blankets may fray and lose their strength from the “S” pattern stitching. This is especially true on lighter-weight moving blankets that use fewer materials and are not as durable.

How Many Moves Should You Expect Moving Blankets to Last? – You can normally expect non-woven warehouse pads to last several moves, van pads to last more than a dozen moves, and our heaviest duty furniture pads to last even longer. It ultimately depends on how they are cared for and if you are avoiding sharp edges or objects that they may come in contact with in the back of enclosed trailers or moving vans.

What is the best way to hold a moving blanket in place? – The best way to hold a moving blanket in place would be by using anything from packaging tape, stretch wrap, or a tie-down strap to hold the moving blanket around the sensitive surface. If you are using tie-down straps you would make sure that you are not overtightening the strap as it could cause potential damage to the sensitive surfaces. This is why we strongly urge customers to use cam buckle straps as they are tightened by hand strength and are much more forgiving compared to alternative ratchet straps.

NonWoven Warehouse Pads

Can moving blankets be used for other purposes besides moving? – Yes, moving blankets have versatile applications beyond moving. They can be used as padding for home renovations, as a protective cover for furniture in storage, as a pet blanket, for soundproofing, and more.

What are the different types of moving blankets available? – There are typically two types of moving blankets: woven and non-woven. Woven blankets are made of a woven fabric shell with padding inside, while non-woven blankets have a synthetic outer layer with recycled cotton or polyester filling.