How to Choose Between E Track Ratchet Straps and E Track Cam Buckle Straps

Published on 03/06/24

The Different Types of E Track Straps and Rope Tie Offs  Lodi Metals

What are E Track Tie Down Straps?

E Track Tie Down Straps have become a staple in the cargo control industry for professional movers, truckers, first-time users, and many more. One of the reasons behind the wide success is the ability that once e-track rails are installed horizontally or vertically inside the moving van, dry van trailer, or enclosed trailer, they can be used to secure the cargo at various anchor points along the rails.

This is ideal for those who are transporting various sizes, weights, and shapes of cargo often as it provides you flexibility to find the perfect tie-down securement anchor point. This combination is ideal for professional dry van operators and professional movers as most days never include the same cargo or personal belongings.

E Track Straps work by latching into the e-track rails with the end fittings of the strap and can be tightened into place by either using Ratchet hardware or Cam Buckle hardware depending on personal preference. Both of these straps have become a staple in the cargo control industry due to their simplicity, cost savings, and the ability to save time while loading or unloading the cargo.

E Track Straps can help save you time as they are extremely quick to tighten or release once you reach your next destination. Another added benefit of using these e-track straps is the fact that e-track straps are color-coded depending on the length of the strap with Yellow being 12 feet long, Gray being 16 feet long, and Blue being 20 feet long.

This helps to let you know exactly how long each e-track strap is and saves you time from measuring the strap to know if the strap is not long enough or if the strap is too long. Our E Track Straps feature a safe assembly working load limit rating of either 1,466 lbs or our AAR-approved straps which feature a 1,500 lbs working load limit and are designed for use with Railroads.

E Track Straps are made from polyester tie-down webbing that is designed to be extremely durable and provide minimal amounts of stretching to ensure that your cargo remains in place throughout transit without the risk of coming undone or sliding around. Polyester webbing is the go-to choice for professional truckers and professional movers due to the minimal stretching compared to alternative blends of webbing such as nylon.

Blue E Track Ratchet Strap for Railroads  AAR Approved  Lodi Metals

What are E Track Ratchet Straps?

E Track Ratchet Straps are the most popular type of E Track Straps and are tightened into place by using ratchet hardware. One of the major benefits of using ratchet hardware compared to cam buckle hardware is that it ensures the cargo is tightened safely into place and is better for cargo that may have a higher weight.

Another benefit of using E Track Ratchet Straps is that the tightening mechanism inside of the ratchet hardware flows in one direction which makes it remove excess slack with every click of the ratchet hardware. This helps to ensure that the cargo is fully secured into place and does not risk that the cargo moves around while on the road or that the cargo somehow becomes unsecured during transport.

E Track Ratchet Straps have a safe assembly working load limit rating of either 1,466 lbs or 1,500 lbs which makes them the heavier-duty option for e-track straps. The Ratchet hardware used on e-track hardware is also zinc-plated to help prevent potential corrosion and rust from occurring when left in humid areas between storage.

Variety of e track cam buckle straps  Lodi Metals

What are E Track Cam Buckle Straps?

E Track Cam Buckle Straps are extremely popular for professional movers due to the straps being tightened by hand strength. Hand strength helps to eliminate overtightening that can be caused when using e-track ratchet straps if you are not paying attention or being careful.

E Track Cam Buckle Straps feature a 915 lbs safe working load limit rating and are made with the same polyester tie-down webbing and e-track fittings as our e-track ratchet straps. The main difference between the two straps is the hardware that is used to tighten the strap into place and the working load limit ratings.

If you are someone who is commonly transporting lighter-duty types of cargo often then you should greatly consider using cam buckle straps as they tend to be much quicker to tighten the cargo into place and release the straps once they arrive at the next destination.

Also, another benefit of using E Track Cam Buckle Straps is that you are using less metal hardware to tighten the strap into place which causes the price to be quite a bit less than e track ratchet straps which can pass along great savings to those who are buying large quantities at a time.

16 foot E Track Ratchet Strap Latched into Installed E Track Rails in Enclosed Trailer

Are E Track Ratchet Straps or E Track Cam Buckle Straps Better?

When deciding which E Track Strap works better for your application it ultimately will depend on the types of cargo that you are securing often. If you are securing fragile, lighter in weight, or items that have more sensitive surfaces such as glass or wood you will likely want to go with an E Track Cam Buckle Strap.

If you are securing cargo that is more forgiving such as a pallet of boxes, skids, metal, or items that are heavier in weight you will want to go with the E Track Ratchet Straps due to their locking ratchet mechanism that flows in one direction as well as the higher safe working load limit ratings. Both of these variants of e-track straps are ideal for keeping inside moving vans or dry van trailers to provide you flexibility while on the road.

Both of these straps are made from polyester tie-down webbing and use the same end-fitting e-track hardware so you know the strap that you are receiving is made from high-quality materials. We have a variety of e-track straps in stock, but also custom make-to-order a variety of different lengths of webbing, colors of webbing, or making your unique combination of hardware e-track straps.

Rope Tie Off Straps for E Track Systems

Shop Our Popular E Track Straps


12 Gauge Steel


Cambuckle 3,000 lbs BS
Assembly 915 lbs WLL


Cambuckle 3,000 lbs BS
Assembly 915 lbs WLL


Cambuckle 3,000 lbs BS
Assembly 915 lbs WLL



Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Dual Fittings on Fixed End
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


1,466 lbs WLL
Versatile, Easy to Use


2 inches Wide
Multiple Lengths Available


42” x 140” w/20” Squares
E-Fittings on Both Ends

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Frequently Asked E Track Strap Questions

Can You use Regular Ratchet Straps with E Track Systems? – Yes, you can use regular tie-down straps and regular ratchet straps with e-track rail systems when you use our specially designed E Track Fittings. These fittings allow you to use e-track rail anchor points with tie-down straps that have hook hardware such as wire hooks or s hooks to ensure your cargo remains secured.

What Are E-Track Dolly Straps? – E-Track Dolly Straps are made with two e-track fittings that latch into e-track rail systems at each end of the strap. This strap does not contain any tightening mechanism such as ratchet hardware or cam buckle hardware, but is designed to hold items in place during transit and are custom made to order to the exact length of webbing you need. Available in custom lengths and custom color preferences of polyester tie-down webbing and features a 1,466 lbs safe assembly working load limit rating.

Are E Track Straps AAR Approved – At Lodi Metals, we are an AAR Approved Railroad Straps seller and have a wide range of various AAR Approved Straps designed for use with the railroads. These straps have been tested and proven to tackle the extreme demand that tie-down straps face while inside of railcars.

What Are The Sizes of E Track Straps? – E Track Straps are most commonly made in 2-inch wide polyester tie-down webbing as the industry standard. However, we do have some 1-inch e-track straps as an option for those lighter-duty securement options for those who are interested these can be viewed at E Track Straps.