Here Is Why You Need to use Moving Blankets During Your Move

Published on 08/31/22

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When it comes to moving into a new apartment, a new house, a college dorm, or a new temporary location one thing is certain moving is never easy. We’ve created this blog post to help your next move easier with our top tips for why you need to use moving blankets during your next move. Let’s begin.

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What is a Moving Blanket?

Moving Blankets have become a staple in the professional moving industry and with those who are moving from one location to another location. No matter if you are moving across town, across state lines, or across the world moving blankets can greatly help improve the odds of your personal belongings arriving without damage to the next location. There is absolutely nothing worse than purchasing new furniture only for the furniture to become scratched during transit causing damage or even the possibility of needing to be replaced from deep scratches or dings.

Moving Blankets work by creating a barrier between the layers of fabric and s-pattern stitching to protect sensitive wooden surfaces, glass surfaces, antiques, televisions, appliances, and other household goods during transit. Moving Blankets come in several different levels of protection ranging from our lightest-duty warehouse moving pads to our heaviest-duty furniture moving pads. The best way to tell the amount of protection the moving blankets can offer is by the weight per dozen blankets. Our lightest-weight blankets weigh approximately 54 to 64 lbs per dozen and our heaviest-weight moving blankets range from 83 to 93 lbs per dozen blankets.

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How to use a Moving Blanket Instructions

1. Start by laying the moving blanket over the top of the item you are wanting to protect.
2. Ensure that the moving blanket covers the item completely. If the moving blanket does not cover the entire surface you will want to consider using a second blanket to ensure full coverage of the surface is protected.
3. Once the blankets are fully covering the surface you are wanting to protect use packing tape, moving rubber bands, or stretch wrap in order to keep the blankets in place throughout the move.
4. When you arrive at your next location simply remove the stretch wrap, packing tape, or moving rubber bands and remove the moving blankets for storage until the next use.

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How to Store a Moving Blanket In-Between Uses

For proper storing techniques we always strongly recommend our customers keep moving blankets out of areas with high levels of moisture or humidity. Over time the moving blankets may absorb the smell of water which could eventually lead the moving blankets to have a bad odor that can be challenging to remove from the blankets.

If you begin to notice that your moving blankets begin to smell you should immediately start taking steps to remove the foul-smelling odor. We recommend our customers to never wash moving blankets as it could cause the stitching or lighter-duty material to cause tears or rips in the blanket itself. Rather use products such as Febreze odor-eliminating sprays when possible to eliminate the odor without washing the blankets themselves.

We have provided an infographic above from our friends over at MovingBlankets.Info if you prefer visual instructions on how to use a moving blanket. You can also find useful material such as Where to buy Moving Blankets and other material on their site as well.

The Different Types of Moving Blankets to Purchase

Blanket Type Weight per dozen Protection Level
Furniture Pads 83 to 93 lbs  per dzn Heavy Duty
Van Pads 78 to 87 lbs per dzn Standard Duty
Warehouse Pads 54 to 64 lbs per dzn Light Duty

Warehouse Moving Blankets – Warehouse moving blankets are the lightest moving blankets per dozen and way 54 to 64 lbs per dozen and are considered a one-time or limited time use moving blanket. These blankets are made with less material than our Van Pads and Furniture Pads. Warehouse Moving Pads are a great option for those who are moving into a new dorm, new apartment, or into a new house.

Van Pad Moving Blankets – Van pad moving blankets as the name implies are used for moving vans that are transporting customers’ personal belongings from move to move. These blankets weigh approximately 78 to 87 lbs per dozen and provide a great level of protection and are used for those who move often or several times per year on average. Van Pads are a great option for professional movers, those transporting valuables such as antiques, or those moving from location to location often such as college dorms.

Furniture Pad Moving Blankets – Furniture Pad Moving Blankets are the heaviest duty moving blankets we offer and weigh approximately 83 to 93 lbs per dozen moving blankets. These blankets are used mostly for professional movers, those who move several times per year, or those transporting valuable cargo such as high-end furniture or antiques.

These blankets offer the highest amount of protection between the layers of the moving blankets to help prevent scratches, sharp edges, and other potential damage during your move. Furniture Moving Blankets are also our most durable moving blankets as they utilize the highest amount of materials and stitching which provides longevity for many moves.

Shop our Popular Moving Blankets


Approx: 83-93 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”


Approx: 78-87 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”


Approx: 54-64 lbs/dz
S-style lock stitching
72” x 80”


Padded Cushioning
Secure Spring Clamps


48-inches in Height x 16-inches in Width
Includes Velcro for Quick Release

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Frequently Asked Moving Blanket Questions

How Many Moving Blankets Do I Need? – In general, most rooms in a house will on average use between 8 to 12 moving blankets per room. For example, a 3-bedroom house may use 24 to 36 moving blankets in order to protect all surfaces during a move.

Can you Machine Wash Moving Blankets – We’ve heard feedback from some of our customers who have had great success with washing heavier-duty blankets, but as they were not designed to be washed please use this method on your own risk. For lighter-duty blankets that are designed for a more limited time use we recommend instead using odor removers such as odor-eliminating air sprays on the blankets as they could easily tear or become destroyed in a washing machine.

What Material is Moving Blankets Made From? – Durable Polyester Cotton Material is the main material that is used for most moving blankets. You will find our heaviest furniture moving blankets to have a different blend that is made from cotton materials designed for extreme protection levels.

Do Light-Duty Moving Blankets Still Offer Good Protection? – Although cheaper moving blankets are lighter-duty in weight per dozen one of the benefits of using them is the affordable price point. One thing to consider when it comes to the amount of protection that is offered based on the weight of materials per dozen blankets. You can normally find that our lightest-duty moving blankets offer the same strength or levels of protection as our competitor’s standard duty or even heavy-duty moving blankets weight per dozen.