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Breaking strengths shown on this web site are based on the load a component will withstand before failing. WORKING LOAD LIMITS SHOWN ON THIS WEB SITE ARE RATED AT ONE-THIRD THE BREAKING STRENGTH. All cargo restraining assemblies or systems are only as strong as the weakest component, including the point of attachment. CAUTION: NEVER EXCEED WORKING LOAD LIMIT ON ANY ASSEMBLY. Cargo control products must be attached to securing points of equal or greater strength for break-strength rating to be maintained.

NOTE: All products shown on this website are intended to be used as cargo securing devices. PRODUCTS ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR LIFTING PURPOSES UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED.

All ratings are for products in new condition. Age, wear or damage to any tie-down system can greatly reduce its strength. All products should be inspected prior to each use.

Products on this web site may be subjected to dirt, mud, snow, ice, road salt, cleaning solution, etc., and therefore require inspection, cleaning and lubricating to ensure that they are in proper operating condition.

Webbing straps must be protected when used on rough or sharp objects. All worn, deformed or damaged products should be removed from service immediately and replaced. All products shall be used in accordance with local, state, federal, and industry regulations. It is the owner and/or users responsibility to evaluate the suitability of any cargo-securing product for there particular application. Failure to follow instructions and warnings or proper use, care and inspection criteria could result in cargo damage, severe personal injury or death.

Due to the many customizable assemblies that Lodi Metals Inc. handles, the prices for these items are based on materials used and labor involved. To get pricing information, freight policies, and terms of sale contact Lodi Metals Inc. at 1-800-807-5634.

Custom made items and printed straps are non-returnable. Click here to see full return policy.

General Information