Everything You Need to Know About Endless Loop Ratchet Straps

Published on 03/13/24

Endless Loop Ratchet Strap Utility Hook  Lodi Metals

What Are Endless Loop Ratchet Straps?

Endless Loop Ratchet Straps have become a staple in the professional moving and cargo control industry. They can help save you valuable trailer and moving van space ensure your cargo does not tip over during transport and help prevent upset customers and damage claims.

Endless Loop Ratchet Strap as the name implies does not have tie-down hardware on either end of the strap such as hooks. Endless Straps are made from high-quality and heavy-duty polyester tie-down webbing and are made in 1-inch or 2-inch wide straps depending on the strength of the strap that is needed. The largest size endless loop ratchet strap we offer is our 4-inch Extra Heavy Duty Endless Ratchet Strap that offers a 24,000 lbs breaking strength webbing and a 5,400 lbs safe assembly working load limit rating.

Polyester tie-down webbing is the go-to material for these straps as it provides excellent durability for protection outdoors, minimal amounts of stretching, and heavy-duty strength.

Endless Loop Ratchet Straps are ideal for bundling cargo together such as stacked boxes or pallets of cargo to prevent the cargo from falling off of forklifts or tipping over off of skids while moving them from one location to the next. Endless Loop Ratchet Straps can also be used for applications ranging from bundling cargo to save space or staying organized, hunting tree stands, and many alternative application uses.

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How Endless Loop Ratchet Straps Can Help Keep Your Cargo Safe

As you can see from the video above the self-containment that endless loop straps offer can be extremely valuable to those who use them and are a great alternative to plastic banding that can be a pain to tighten and release. These straps are reusable and extremely economical compared to rubber banding and are extremely easy to use for all levels of experience ranging from beginner to expert.

4inch Extra Heavy Duty Endless Loop Ratchet Strap  Lodi Metals

How to Use Endless Loop Ratchet Straps Instructions

Before you use an endless loop tie-down strap or any other tie-down strap you should always visibly inspect the strap for any signs of damage such as cuts, tears in the webbing, abrasion, burn marks, mold, mildew, hardware bending, or discoloration in the webbing. If you spot any of these issues you should purchase a new strap as these are signs of a damaged strap and the strap can not be repaired as an endless ratchet strap.

How to Tighten An Endless Loop Ratchet Strap:
1). Begin by threading the continuous loop ratchet strap through or around the cargo you plan to secure. If you are securing a skid you will want to pass the ratchet strap through the skid and around the cargo. If you are bundling cargo together or using it for hunting treestand purposes you will want to wrap the endless loop strap around the exterior of the cargo or tree.

2). Next, make sure that the ratchet hardware is in an ideal location and is easily accessible for tightening and release. Before you begin tightening you should make sure that the ratchet hardware is completely open before you begin to tighten the strap.

3). Begin to tighten the strap into place and be mindful to not risk damaging your cargo or tie down strap by overtightening the strap. You should reach the desired slack and an additional 2-3 clicks of the ratchet for most securement applications to ensure safety and reduce the odds of damaging your cargo.

4). Once you have reached the desired strength and removed the ideal amount of slack for your application you should make sure that the ratchet hardware is fully closed and locked into place to prevent the ratchet hardware from opening or releasing. If there is any excess tie-down webbing you should wrap it around the strap to prevent it from blowing in the wind or causing friction burns to the webbing or to avoid running over the excess webbing with a forklift by accident.

How to Release An Endless Loop Ratchet Strap:
1). Once you have reached the next destination or you are done using the ratchet strap you can release the strap by opening the ratchet hardware so that it is completely open flat.

2). Next, remove the webbing and wind the strap up neatly for easy and organized storage in a dark and dry location that avoids direct sunlight, moisture, mold, or mildew. We recommend using a rubber band to keep the strap neatly organized and prevent the strap from receiving any friction burns.

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Shop Our Popular Endless Loop Ratchet Straps


Webbing 3,000 lbs BS
Assembly 500 lbs WLL


Webbing 1,500 lbs BS
Assembly 500 lbs WLL


Ratchet 3,300 lbs BS
Assembly 833 lbs WLL


Ratchet 4,400 lbs BS
Assembly 1,466 lbs WLL


Webbing 12,000 lbs BS
Assembly 3,335 lbs WLL


Ratchet 11,000 lbs BS
Assembly 3,335 lbs WLL

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Frequently Asked Endless Loop Ratchet Strap Questions

What Are The Different Sizes of Endless Straps? – 1-inch, 2-inch, and 4-inch are the current sizes that we offer for endless loop ratchet straps. 4-inch Ratchet Straps use a 4-inch wide ratchet hardware that is 12 inches in length and the ratchet hardware alone weighs nearly 9 lbs and should only be used for extremely heavy duty and commercial securement applications.

What is the Safe Working Load Limit for Endless Loop Ratchet Straps? – Depending on the configuration of the size of the strap you can generally expect our 1-inch sizes to have upwards of 500 lbs safe working load limit rating, our 2-inch sizes to have up to a 3,335 lbs safe working load limit rating and our heaviest duty 4-inch sizes to feature a 5,400 lbs safe assembly working load limit rating.

What is Seatbelt Webbing on Endless Loop Ratchet Straps? – Seatbelt webbing is an alternative webbing to polyester tie-down webbing and offers a weave pattern similar to the webbing that is most commonly found inside vehicles.

It offers a different weave and comes in true color which is ideal for sound and stage production events as the shade does not vary slightly from batch to batch. It features the same safe working load limit rating of comparable configurations of straps and features a 6,000 lbs breaking strength and a safe working load limit rating of 1,466 lbs.