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Lodi Metals is a company that manufactures and distributes cargo bars, tie down straps, recovery tow straps, moving supplies, tie down webbing, flatbed products, tent supplies, moving supplies, and much more. We have a dedicated staff that will love to help you with any question that you may have. Lodi Metals has the capability to customize any tie down strap or any cargo bar that you may need. Below is some links to our more popular items.

Cargo Bar Info
Lodi Metals has one of the largest selections of cargo bars in the industry. Our load bars are made with high quality steel or aluminum. We carry and stock bars from cargo load locks, pickup truck bars, decking/shoring beams, jack load bars, hoop load bars, and we even have replacement parts. The paddle mechanisms are made of lightweight, but strong material.

Ratchet Straps Info
Ratchet Straps are the most common and effective way to secure your load, whether it be on a flatbed truck or an enclosed truck. The ratchet strap is versatile and can be made with any hardware and cut to any length to fit your specific needs. Lodi Metals has many custom and standard cambuckle straps and winch straps to choose from and in many different colors.

Flatbed Products Info
Many times in the trucking industry the flatbed is usually the market that poses the biggest threats to wear and tear on tie down equipment due to the oversize loads and odd shape materials. Lodi Metals carries many flatbed products that can secure, fasten, and protect your equipment from the everyday wear and tear the flatbed industry presents. To get protected see our corner protectors and cordura sleeve

Moving Blankets Info
We provide moving products for individual or business moves. One of our most common moving products is the moving blanket, also known as a furniture pad. These moving blankets make moving larger items easy and protects them at the same time. We offer a wide selection of moving products from moving straps and dollies to moving blankets and rubber bands. Our moving blankets are 72” by 80” and come in different weights.

Tie Down Straps Info
We are a manufacturer of tie down straps. We custom make our tie down straps with industrial sewing machines. There is many manufacturers of tie down straps, but the difference in Lodi Metals Inc. is quality and the ability to customize absolutely any strap for any need. We can make them any length & with different ratchets, cambuckle, rings, hooks, and with many different sizes and colors of webbing to fit your specific needs. We can also print ANY name on the strap to customize it. Please call us for custom-made tie down straps! We also stock a large quantity of tie down webbing