6 Way Crown

Item# 3000201

West Coast Style Fittings
1.375” – inside dimension

The six-arm fitting is an essential component designed to serve as the terminal crown fitting for all rectangular tents with hip end frames exceeding a width of 15 feet. This includes tent sizes such as 20’x30’ and larger, 30’x40’ and larger, and 40’x50’ and larger. Its structure comprises five arms specifically designed for connection to the rafter end framing, while the remaining arm extends in the ridge direction, ensuring a stable and robust tent assembly. This tent frame fitting is designed for commercial tents, party tent rentals, and large canopies.

This versatile 6-way crown fitting is engineered to securely connect and support the intricate framework of larger rectangular tents with hip-end designs. Its five arms seamlessly interface with the rafter end framing, providing structural integrity and stability. The sixth arm, positioned in the ridge direction, enhances the overall rigidity of the tent structure, making it an indispensable element for the successful installation and performance of tents exceeding 15 feet in width.

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