4" x 27' Ratchet Strap with Wire Hooks

Item# A42139RWH-27

Wire Hook 22,000 lbs BS
Assembly 5,670 lbs WLL

Ratchet Hardware 24,000 lbs Breaking Strength
Webbing 24,000 lbs Breaking Strength
Working Load Limit – 5,670 lbs

4” x 27’ Ratchet Strap with Wire Hooks are extremely strong and durable and are designed for securing the heaviest loads on the road on the back of flatbed trailers. These straps are the heaviest duty straps in our online store and are not for use for around-the-house applications as the ratchet hardware alone weighs over 8 lbs for this strap.

The Wire Hook for this strap is extremely durable and is made to be extremely easy to use to attach to hard-to-reach locations or locations that require a narrow hook. 4” x 27’ Ratchet Straps with Wire Hooks are great straps for applications that require them to be outside in the elements as well due to the weather-resistant webbing. Our webbing blend is designed to be used in rain, snow, ice, extreme cold, and extreme heat.

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