3" x 30' Ratchet Strap with Flat Hooks

Item# A42469

Webbing 18,000 lbs BS
Assembly 5,400 lbs WLL

Ratchet 17,000 lbs Breaking Strength
Flat Hook 16,200 lbs Breaking Strength
Working Load Limit – 5,400 lbs

Our 3” x 30’ Ratchet Strap with Flat Hooks is made from our heavy-duty 3-inch polyester tie-down webbing that features a 5,400 lbs safe assembly working load limit rating. 3-inch Ratchet Straps are not as popular as 4-inch Ratchet Straps, but they work well where space is more limited on flatbed trailers while still providing heavy-duty strength. Polyester tie-down webbing provides excellent strength and very little stretching to ensure that once the cargo is secured it does not move out of place or come undone during transit.

Flat Hooks are one of the most popular types of end-fitting hardware for flatbed trailers as they can quickly latch into the rub rails, stake pockets, or a variety of other securement points and be tightened into place without the risk of the cargo becoming unsecured. The Flat Hooks are zinc-coated to provide durability and protection against potential rust and corrosion while outside in the elements for long periods.

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These straps are made to order.

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