26' x 24' w/8' Drop Lumber Tarp 18 oz Blue

Item# 1115463

Cold Crack to -40° C/F
18 oz Coated Fabric

D-Rings every 24 Inches
Tarp Color: BLUE
Weight: 98 lbs
Made in the USA

These tarps are made with 1000×1300 denier fabric. The rear and top flaps are 18 oz PVC coated fabric and the side drops are 10 oz fabric. The hems are reinforced with 2-inch wide webbing with Steel D-Rings spaced every 24” and three additional rows of d-rings located at 30”, 60”, and 90” from sides and rear flap.

Always properly secure your tarp to prevent wind whip damage to the tarp fabric. New flatbed haulers need to learn to secure flatbed tarps in order not to destroy their tarps after their first few loads. These tarps are strong and durable, yet easy to handle and provide waterproofing to keep your load dry and protected from the elements. The flap at the end covers the ends of lumber to keep it protected and to get your freight delivered without damage.

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$370.00 USD