26' x 20' w/6' Drop Lumber Tarp 18 oz Black

Item# 1115493

Cold Crack to -40° C/F
18 oz Coated Fabric

D-Rings every 24 Inches
Tarp Color: BLACK
Weight: 95 lbs
Made in the USA

These tarps have 3 additional rows of Zinc-Plated Steel D-Rings (24” spacing) located at 24”, 48”, and 68” from edges (sides and rear flap). The Top, Side Drops (6’) and Rear Flap (6’) are all made with 18-oz PVC coated fabric and have welded reinforced hems with grommets spaced every 24 inches. The base fabric is 1000×1300 denier.

To get the longest life from your tarp, always secure completely to eliminate or reduce flapping or blowing in the wind. The sides wrap around the tail to keep the tail from catching in the wind and try to balance the pull on each D-ring. Use rubber tarp straps in the rows of d-rings to secure the tarp and put flatbed winch straps over the top. Lumber tarps can be used to cover just about any load.

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$374.00 USD