2" x 30' TWO PLY Ratchet Strap with Flat Hooks

Item# 320078

Hardware 10,000 lbs BS
Webbing 12,000 lbs BS
Assembly 3,335 lbs WLL

This VENOM┬« STRAP is TWO Ply webbing the entire 30-foot distance is stitched with heavy-duty thread. This process will help lengthen the product’s lifespan by having a more durable tie-down webbing for your straps against sharp corners and potential friction burns.

This strap is designed to use two plys of webbing to ensure the highest levels of durability and strength for a 2-inch Ratchet Strap and may not be the ideal strap for everyone. If you are someone who ships often or someone who goes through 2-inch ratchet straps often then this strap might be the ideal strap.

$31.95 USD
Webbing Color