2" Lasso Strap & Ratchet SET

Item# A41952LS-4

Web 12,000# Breaking Strength
Assembly 3,335# Working Load Limit or 2,000# if ratchet with snap hook is selected

Auto transport companies prefer Lasso Straps with ratchets for exotic or low profile vehicles as the most common tie down configuration for vehicle transportation. We offer a wide range of car tie down straps, but offer this set as a convenient way to get all the tie downs you need in one place. We can custom make the straps to fit any length that you need.

Set Includes:
  • 4 pcs – 2” Lasso Straps to the length you choose in the options below
  • 4 pcs – 2” Ratchet Short end you choose in options below

    Enlarge picture to show ratchet options
Lasso Strap Length
Ratchet Option