2" Rubber Wide Handle Ratchet w/Finger Hook

Item# 3200159

11,000 lbs BS
3,335 lbs WLL

Break Strength — 11,000 lbs

Our 2-inch Rubber Handle Ratchet Hardware with Finger Hook is commonly used for wreckers and auto carriers for automotive ratchet straps. Finger Hooks make it quick and easy for wheel lifts and rollbacks to secure and provide the strap with maximum leverage to secure the vehicle in place.

This Ratchet Hardware features an 11,000 lbs breaking strength and a safe assembly working load limit of 3,335 lbs. The Rubber Wide Ratchet handle provides added comfort and grip when tightening the vehicle into place safely. We use this hardware often with both our 10,000 lbs and 12,000 lbs breaking strength 2-inch wide polyester webbing to make our heaviest-duty 2-inch wide ratchet straps.

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This ratchet is approximately 9.25” in length and 4.25” in width.

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