2" Rubber Handle Ratchet w/Chain Extension

Item# A30010

11,000 lbs BS
3,335 lbs WLL

14” Chain Extension
10 Links of 3/8” Grade 70 Chain HOOK NOT INCLUDED

Our 2-inch Rubber Handle Ratchet Hardware with Chain Extension is commonly used for wreckers and car tie-down ratchet straps. This ratchet hardware is ideal for wheel lifts and rollbacks as it can attach to many different anchor points. Featuring an 11,000 lbs breaking strength and 3,335 lbs working load limit this ratchet hardware is heavy-duty and is ideal for those who secure different vehicle makes and models often.

Our 2-inch Rubber Handle Ratchet hardware provides maximum leverage and added grip from the rubber handle for added comfort. The chain extension on this ratchet hardware is 14 inches and the comes with 10 links of 3/8 Grade 70 Transport Chain – the hook hardware is not included on this ratchet hardware.

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This Ratchet is approximately 9.25 inches in Length and 4.25 inches in Width.

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$18.00 USD