2" Rectangle Ring

Item# 3200056

10,000 lbs BS
3,335 lbs WLL

Break Strength — 10,000 lbs

2-inch Rectangle rings are commonly used on our 2-inch automotive tie-downs and car hauler ratchet straps. It allows you to move the D-Ring along the strap to find the ideal securement location. This ring can also be used to connect two e-track fitting straps together to make a longer strap if needed which makes them ideal when you are securing a wide range of cargo sizes or automotive vehicle sizes.

Our 2-inch Rectangle Ring Hardware features a 10,000 lbs breaking strength and a safe assembly working load limit rating of 3,335 lbs. Made from high-quality metal materials and is designed to last from repetitive moves. This hardware can be used for a variety of different tie-down securement solutions and is a great item to have around for anyone who secures cargo often.

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Full box quantity — 200 pieces (Pricing is PER PIECE)
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