2" Cleat Strap Protector

Item# 3200029

Rubber Cleat
For 2” Car Tie Downs

Our 2-inch Cleat Strap Protector is designed for use with over-the-wheel tie-down straps and other various car tie-down straps for protection of the straps and to help keep the straps stay in place on the tires. There are “teeth” on the cleat strap protector that go into the tire tread to prevent the strap from moving around during securing and during transit. This product is sold in singles or in a pack of three pieces depending on the vehicle securement application needs.

Our 2-inch Cleat Strap Protector is made from heavy-duty rubber materials that provide great durability for repetitive vehicle moves as well as protection to the strap during transit as well to prevent the strap from becoming damaged from potential friction burns. The Rubber Teeth on the Cleat Strap Protector latch into the rubber tires of the vehicle to hold it safely in place without the risk of damaging the vehicle in the process.

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Car Tie Downs Available:
2-inch Auto Tie Down with Wire Hooks
2-inch Lasso Strap with O-Ring

Single Cleat or Set of 3, choose below:

$2.00 USD